Samsung recounts Galaxy Buds evolution before Buds 3 launch

Samsung Galaxy Buds journey

Last week, Samsung recounted how its Fold-series foldables have evolved over the years. It shared a lengthy blog post to remind us of all the incremental upgrades before the Galaxy Z Fold 6‘s launch. Now, in the second episode of Galaxy History, the company looks back at its wireless earbuds journey. The Korean firm shared a similar blog post to hype up the Galaxy Buds 3 series, which arrives alongside the new foldable on July 10.

Samsung looks back at the Galaxy Buds journey anticipating the Buds 3 series

Like foldables, Samsung‘s first pair of TWS earbuds arrived in 2019. The Galaxy Buds featured a compact design and supported wingtips to secure them in your ears. Thanks to AKG’s tuning and Adaptive Dual Microphone technology, they delivered excellent audio quality and call clarity. The buds supported wireless charging and offered a decent battery life. However, they lacked ANC (Active Noise Cancelation).

With the Galaxy Buds, Samsung focused on essentials rather than going all-in with premium features. The company was seemingly testing the waters before making its next move. In February 2020, it introduced the Galaxy Buds+ with improved audio quality, microphone quality, and battery life. It featured a second driver for bass to enhance sound quality at lower frequencies. However, the Korean firm still didn’t include ANC.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live AM AH 2

The first Samsung wireless earbuds to support ANC were the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live launched in August 2020. Interestingly, the company didn’t mention the pair in its blog post, likely because the design experiment didn’t work and it never released a sequel. Its on-ear design made ANC pretty much ineffective. The tech biggie implemented the learnings from this experiment in the Galaxy Buds Pro in 2021.

This pair was a more premium offering with ANC and other improvements. Samsung returned to the original design and rather focused on functionality. The Galaxy Buds Pro supported head tracking technology but the battery life was a weak point. Later that year, Samsung launched a less-premium pair, the Galaxy Buds 2, with ANC support. It was the true successor to the original Galaxy Buds, while Pro was a new premium lineup.

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A second Pro followed in 2022, while Samsung added an FE model in 2023

In August 2022, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro as its second-gen premium wireless earbuds. It packed everything, from High-Dynamic Range and wireless 24-bit high fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio to 360 Audio Recording. The company didn’t bring a successor to the Galaxy Buds 2 (2021). Instead, it launched a new entry-level product named Galaxy Buds FE towards the end of 2023.

It is now gearing up to launch the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. These buds don’t share the design language with any previous models, not even the Live. Samsung has introduced the Apple AirPods-like stemmed design to its wireless earbuds. It’s a more practical form factor for TWS buds. Both new models will debut alongside the new foldables and smartwatches at the company’s next Unpacked event on July 10.

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