Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Buds3 series

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked is happening now, and the company is showing off its latest and greatest devices. During the announcement, we got information about some new phones, watches, and a ring. Along with that, Samsung also debuted the new Galaxy Buds3 series.

The news of the event is still fresh, so there’s a bunch of information to sift through. For instance, Samsung announced the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 phones. Not only that, but it also unveiled the new Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra. Also, the company finally gave us a look at the Galaxy Ring.

Samsung debuts the Galaxy Buds3 series

You’ve probably seen the leaks of the new Galaxy Buds, and yes, they look similar to AirPods. With that out of the way, Samsung has delivered a next-level experience to the Galaxy Buds ecosystem.

As you can guess, the company brought some new and improved hardware to these earbuds. Both the Galaxy Buds3 and Galaxy Buds3 Pro come with custom-tuned drivers to give you a great listening experience. For starters, the Galaxy Buds3 Pro come with 2-way speakers with planar tweeters. This, coupled with a new high-quality codec, you’re getting some amazing audio quality.

Also, both pairs also some with better noise cancelation. No matter what you’re listening to, everything will sound amazing.

However, Samsung also unveiled some new AI tools coming to its new earbuds. The Galaxy Buds3 can integrate with Interpreter. If you remember, Interpreter is the tool that allows you to translate speech in real time so that you can have a seamless conversation with someone of a different language.

Well, the Galaxy Buds3 will use this feature and speak to you. So, you’ll hear the translated speech right in your ear. This makes it a much more accessible tool.

Along with that, there are voice commands. This way, you’ll be able to control your media by speaking the hotwords. So, if your hands are full, you will still be able to control your music.

The Galaxy Buds3 come with a new form factor without the ear tips. These start at $179.99. The Base Buds3 Pro will have the ear tips, and they will start at $249.99.

You can pre-order them today, and they’ll be available for general sales on July 24th.

Pre-order the Galaxy Buds3

Pre-order Galaxy Buds3 Pro

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