Samsung’s new Family Hub Plus smart fridge has a massive 32-inch display

CES 2023 is nearly here, which means we’re once again writing about Samsung smart refrigerators. With the Family Hub Plus, Samsung has boosted the touch display size to 32-inches from 21-inches in the previous models, giving you a much bigger canvas to display photos, shopping lists and videos, or control SmartThings devices.

On top of the bigger display, Samsung has added support for Google Photos along with the OneDrive integration seen on past models. That allows you to display family or other photos on the refrigerator, or upload photos to a mobile device from the Family Hub Plus. As before, you can also display artwork from Samsung’s Bespoke Atelier app. 

Samsung's upcoming smart fridge has a massive 32-inch display

The built-in hub can control multiple SmartThings devices, giving you a smart home control center on a very large touchscreen. It also supports six SmartThings Home Life services: air care, home care, pet care, clothing care, energy, and cooking. Samsung has also included Samsung TV Plus, giving US users 190 TV channels for free. You can use it in the vertical orientation for TikTok, Facebook Shorts and other social media content, or employ picture-in-picture mode to view videos and do other tasks at the same time. 

Finally, it supports Amazon’s Your Essentials service, letting you order groceries and other products directly from the touchscreen. Samsung didn’t detail any other specs or pricing, but we’ll see it at CES 2023 early next month and should learn more then.