Spotify has 250,000 video podcast shows; big annual growth

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In a recent blog post, Spotify highlighted the huge growth of video podcasts available on its platform. The format is becoming increasingly popular and helping to improve audience retention.

When thinking about podcasts, the first thing that probably comes to mind is audio-based shows. Many people tend to listen to podcasts during their daily activities. Classic podcasts are especially useful when you’re busy with tasks that require your visual attention. However, there are times of the day when users can give their full attention to the show. In those cases, a video podcast may be more attractive.

Spotify boasts the growth of available video podcast shows

Video podcasts are especially popular on YouTube due to the nature of the platform. Spotify began allowing video podcasts in 2020, first in a limited number of shows. Now, Spotify is boasting about the growth of the catalog of video podcasts they offer, reaching 250,000 in 2024. In comparison, the platform offered 100,000 in 2023, so the numbers more than doubled.

Apparently, video podcasts boast higher retention rates compared to the traditional format. This means that people listen to them for longer, probably because they offer a visual-enriched experience. Good production, set design, or being able to see the facial expressions and body gestures of the podcast participants can make a difference.

The blog post also includes statistics that further explain the growth of the video podcast format on Spotify. For example, since its availability, it has experienced 39% annual growth in views. Additionally, the number of creators using this format is growing by 70% annually. The company even claims that almost two-thirds of the American public prefers video podcasts over the traditional format.

So, now Spotify seems to be placing a lot of importance on video podcasts. It will be interesting to see if, in the future, they are able to surpass YouTube in this section. In the end, users will benefit from the fierce competition between both companies.

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