Spotify podcast shows now allow listeners to leave comments

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Spotify now allows listeners to leave comments on their favorite podcasts. This way, podcasters will have more options to interact with their audience. Until now, creators could only do so by posting surveys and Q&As. This will bring the user experience a little closer to that of YouTube.

YouTube has shown that allowing comments on multimedia content can be a useful audience retention tool. While YouTube is a video-based platform, there are also podcast creators uploading their shows. The comment box on videos often becomes a meeting point for both fans and creators, starting conversations related to the content where everyone can participate.

Now you can leave comments on your favorite Spotify podcast shows

It seems that Spotify wants to cause a similar effect by enabling comments on podcast shows or episodes. The feature will be disabled by default, so podcasters will have to approve the comments one by one. This is similar to one of the comment settings that YouTube offers to creators. Also, creators can choose which episodes of their shows will allow listener comments. Of course, they can also choose to disable comments completely, as before.

Starting today (July 9), the Spotify for Podcasters web app will allow creators to manage comments and settings for their shows. Soon, they will also be able to do so through an improved Spotify for Podcasters app, whose rollout will be gradual.

The rollout of comments for Spotify podcasts will also be gradual, so it won’t be available to everyone right away. The first creators will begin to receive it starting today, without regional limitations. Lately, the company has been giving special importance to its podcasts, also boasting the huge growth of video podcasts available on Spotify. Although the blog post does not specify it, the comments will probably also be available for video podcasts as well.

The revamped Spotify for Podcasters app will help creators grow

A video posted by the company shows some of the new features that the updated Spotify for Podcasters app will bring to creators. These include liking and responding to comments from anywhere, growth tracking metrics, and checking key data about their audience (like geographic location) to improve their content.

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