Spotify’s Backstage feature had a serious security flaw

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There are all sorts of software vulnerabilities within our favorite apps, and these lead to countless hacks made and lives ruined. Just recently, there was a pretty serious security flaw detected in Spotify Backstage, according to TechRadar. While the issue has been resolved, it could have led to some serious trouble.

Spotify Backstage is an open project platform to build developer portals. The company introduced this back in 2020, and it’s been growing in popularity since. It’s a useful tool if you are planning on being a developer and you want to have an easy-to-use interface to manage all of your tasks.

Spotify Backstage had a serious security flaw

Backstage is useful, but a previous version had a pretty massive security flaw that could have really caused some havoc. Using a vm2 sandbox escape, people were actually able to execute arbitrary code on an application. That’s really bad news because any person could execute whatever they wanted on your application without you knowing.

The vulnerability was discovered by Oxeye. This is a cloud-native application security provider. It notified the company and explained just how people could have accessed the security flaw.

Thankfully, the security issue has been resolved. Spotify quickly patched the vulnerability, so everyone is urged to update to the latest version of Spotify Backstage, which is version 1.5.1.

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In other Spotify news, Spotify is looking to raise its price in the US

There are plenty of price hikes going on in the streaming industry, with services like YouTube Music, Apple Music, Disney+, and Hulu raising their prices. Spotify is going to be one of the next companies to do so, as its CEO announced it not too long ago.

Daniel said that, with prices going up across the industry, Spotify sees a new opportunity to raise its price. At this point, we’re not quite sure how much the price will go up. Only time will tell.

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