The “catch-up quick” pile: News you (probably) missed: Apple’s energizer bunny, Samsung’s routine share, and Google’s FAB-ulous Chrome plans

iphone 15 pro max AM AH 02

In the fast-paced world of tech, it’s easy to miss out on some of the juiciest stories and the most groundbreaking announcements. Fear not, for we’ve got you covered! From the latest in smartphone innovations and AI advancements to the hottest news in the social media realm, we’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the highlights of the week. So sit back, relax, and catch up on everything you might have missed in our latest episode of “News You Probably Missed and Shouldn’t Have!”

The iPhone 16 Pro Max features a bigger battery

The iPhone 16 Pro Max could be the energizer bunny of phones, lasting you like a whole day of Netflix episodes on a single charge (don’t try that). All thanks to a fancy new stainless steel battery case that’s practically bursting with juice (but hopefully not literally). Imagine never having to fight your friend for that last charger port at the coffee shop again. This phone will basically have its own built-in solar panel. Apple’s solving iPhone battery woes like a pro.

You can now share your Samsung SmartThings routines

Imagine your friend struggling to remember their morning routine: fumbling for the coffee pot, tripping over the cat, and blasting heavy metal instead of morning news. Samsung SmartThings to the rescue! Now you can share your perfectly-tuned routine like a digital handshake. No more burnt toast symphonies, just smooth jazz and a perfectly brewed cup for your sleep-deprived friend. Sharing is caring, and with Samsung, sharing is automated bliss.

Opera GX gets new AI features to power up gamers

Opera’s gaming-oriented GX web browser just got a power-up with more AI features. It is now your personal gaming co-pilot, helping you out with all sorts of cool stuff. We’re talking next-level image generation, where you can describe what you want and the AI whips it up in a flash. Need a fire-breathing cat riding a rocket for your new Twitch stream? No problem! The AI can now understand images too, figuring out what’s going on in any picture you throw at it. More time for epic wins and less time for browsing black holes!

Opera GX AI update

Galaxy S25 leaks begin with battery certification

It looks like Samsung’s internal sieve struck again, this time leaking info on the Galaxy S25’s battery. No word on how long they’ll last, but hey, we’re just getting started. The never-ending flow of Samsung leaks has picked up another stream and will continue to flow. So, stay tuned folks, because the only shocking thing we know for sure is that these phones will need to be plugged in eventually, no matter how big their batteries are.

The Apple Watch Series 10’s rumored radical redesign was probably a hoax

The Apple Watch Series 10 is looking like that friend who promised a whole new look for a night out but just shows up with a slightly bigger shirt. Maybe new bands? The latest rumor is that the upcoming watches won’t get a radical redesign. So much for rumors about a fresh new look! It appears Apple gave up on the redesign midway after seeing people troll Samsung’s Watch Ultra. Hey Apple, people get used to a new design quickly. The trolls only last so long.

Google Chrome might be joining the FAB party

Google Chrome might be following the FAB trend! The company is considering adding a Floating Action Button (FAB) to its popular browser app. The new button will help you start a new tab in a flash from the tab overview menu. Currently, the “New tab” button sits at the top, so the change makes it more accessible and visible. Many Google apps already boast FABs. This may be a move to keep things streamlined so users don’t get confused.

Google Chrome New Tab FAB

YouTube lets you remove your AI copy you never approved

YouTube is getting hip to the whole “AI-fake-me-out” game. It is letting users fight fire with fire–you can now flag videos that use fancy AI to make you say or do things you never did! So, if you see yourself giving a speech about the virtues of polka-dotted socks, but you secretly despise them, you can get that video outta there. Just remember, with great flagging power comes great responsibility! Don’t go overboard and report videos that are clearly satire or just mean-spirited fun.

Google breaks Nest Wifi Pro with an update

Oh dear, looks like Google’s Nest Wifi Pro update went about as smoothly as a greased pig wrestling competition. Users are reporting all sorts of woes since the update, from slower speeds than a sloth on vacation to spotty connections that make online gaming about as fun as watching paint dry. Some folks are also having trouble with their fancy smart home gadgets, like printers that suddenly decided they only speak gibberish. So, if you’ve got a Nest Wifi Pro and things seem wonky, you’re not alone. Let’s hope Google won’t behave like a plumber on a coffee break and patch things quickly.

Samsung’s Galaxy AI will translate your WhatsApp calls

Imagine you’re chatting with your friend abroad using walkie-talkies, but instead of sounding like gibberish, it magically translates to your language. That’s basically what Samsung’s Galaxy AI is trying to do for WhatsApp calls! Get ready for future arguments where you cannot blame language barriers for forgetting your anniversary…or maybe finally understand what your in-laws are gossiping about. Galaxy AI will also translate your calls on Google Meet, WeChat,…you name it.

Microsoft brings ads to its weather app

Microsoft’s love affair with ads has hit a new low: the weather app! Users are experiencing more frustration than sunshine thanks to a recent update. Imagine checking your phone for rain showers and instead getting bombarded with promotions for, well, who knows what. It’s like Microsoft is saying, “Hey, you want to know if it’ll rain? Great! But first, a word from our sponsors” This whole situation is about as welcome as a pop-up ad during a thunderstorm.

Microsoft Windows 11 weather app ads

LG buys smart home platform Homey to compete against Samsung’s SmartThings

LG just stole a page from its compatriot Samsung’s book, buying into the smart home platform Homey—it acquired an 80% stake in Homey’s parent company Athom and plans to acquire the remaining 20% in three years. The firm is hoping to turn your home into an LG-powered wonderland, with Homey users potentially controlling their fancy LG gadgets soon. Homey promises to stay independent, but this could be the start of a new smart home empire…or a confusing mess.

Google Message prepares for iPhone RCS support in group chats

Looks like Google Messages is throwing a party for iPhones joining the RCS group chat club! This means better photo sharing, read receipts, and all that good stuff for mixed-OS chat groups. There’s no official date yet, but RCS on iPhones is still a few months away, so Google has time. Google Messages might welcome the iPhones with a notification. Hopefully, this is the end of the green bubble blues!

Samsung receives an industry-first display certification from Pantone

Samsung Display just won the gold medal in color accuracy! Its fancy new monitor and laptop screens are like super-powered chameleons, blending colors so perfectly that it got a special handshake from Pantone, the color experts. It’s a first-of-its-kind Pantone certification in the display industry. Get ready for more realistic colors and graphics on your new Samsung gadgets. Creators are gonna love this, and so are consumers.

Netflix is phasing out its cheapest ad-free plan

Netflix is ditching its cheapest ad-free plan, saying “adios” to those sweet, sweet budget-friendly streams. Subscribers need to upgrade to a pricier plan or pick up an ad-supported plan, which is like having a movie interrupted by a surprise game show host selling dish soap. Canada and the UK are the first guinea pigs, forced to choose between ads, a pricier ad-free plan, or giving Netflix the boot. The rest of the world can probably expect the same treatment soon, so get ready for some internal debates about whether you really need to see that commercial for wrinkle cream.

Netflix Basic ad free plan discontinue

New Apple iPads are on the way, of course

Surprise, surprise! New iPads might be on the horizon. Website detectives spotted hints of four new iPads in code. This suggests an 11th-gen iPad with Apple’s A16 chip, a 7th-gen iPad mini with the A17, and possibly two new Pro models with the next-gen flagship M5 chip. The fresh discovery also lifts the lid on some models Apple scrapped mid-way through development or planning, including an A14 model and two M3 iPad Pros.

Russian hackers tried snooping on US government agencies via Microsoft

Uh oh! Looks like Russia pulled a fast one on Microsoft and some US agencies. Hackers from Russia infiltrated Microsoft’s system and used that access to snoop around emails in some US government agencies. Bummer! The good news? It seems they weren’t looking for super sensitive stuff like social security numbers, or maybe couldn’t find any. This is still a black eye for Microsoft though, and a reminder to be extra cautious online.

YouTube’s ‘Erase Song’ removes copyrighted music, doesn’t affect other audio

YouTubers rejoice! Struggling to remove that pesky copyrighted song from your video without killing the whole soundtrack? YouTube’s got your back with its upgraded “Erase Song” tool. It’s like magic, it silences the unwanted music while keeping your hilarious commentary or fire soundtrack intact. No more awkward silence or scrambling to replace the audio. Now you can focus on creating awesome videos, copyright woes are gone! Maybe not entirely, but certainly up to an extent.

Google Messages improves photo captions in chats

Google Messages is giving a makeover to how photos with captions appear in RCS chats! Imagine this: you send a pic of your adorable cat with a hilarious caption, and now the photo and caption cuddle up together on the screen, looking all cute and organized. This tweak makes captions look like captions rather than separate messages. It’s a small change, but it adds a touch of polish to your conversations.

Google Messages RCS chats captions old
Google Messages RCS chats captions new

Google Messages RCS chats captions old
Google Messages RCS chats captions new

Qualcomm has yet to finalize the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4’s price

Qualcomm’s hot new Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip is like that super fancy restaurant everyone’s talking about, but no one’s making reservations yet. No phone maker is nearing mass production of the next-gen Snapdragon, so no orders. This mystery is making the price anyone’s guess—super expensive or a waiting game for a bargain? Guess we’ll have to wait to see if this chip lives up to the hype! It’s a waiting game for the smartphone superstar of the future.

Samsung flags off the July update train

Looks like Samsung’s forgotten the Galaxy S24 Ultra and foldables! The Galaxy A55, the often-ignored middle child, is surprisingly the first Samsung phone to get the July 2024 security update. Is this the update A55 users have been waiting for? Not really, it’s just the security patch and nothing more. But hey, at least it’s something, right? Maybe Samsung is making amends for all those times it delayed the phone’s updates. In the meantime, S24 Ultra and Galaxy foldable users can console themselves with some new Paris 2024 Olympic accessories…

The HMD View is an upcoming budget phone from the Nokia maker

HMD, the Nokia maker, is preparing a new budget phone under the HMD brand. A new leak gives an early view (pun intended) into the HMD View. It’s got a decent camera that won’t make your cat look like a blurry mess, a good screen that properly shows the cat photo you captured, and a battery that won’t die halfway through your cat video binge-watching session. No official word yet, but this could be a good option for those who want a phone that won’t break the bank. Here’s what it looks like.

HMD View leak

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