The Galaxy Z Flip 6 might have an LCD Cover Display

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Since the Galaxy S3, Samsung’s flagship phones have primarily used AMOLED displays. It’s pretty much perfected the technology, which makes its devices a must-have if you want a beautiful screen. However, it looks like the company is making a shift. According to a new report, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could use an LCD cover display.

Right now, we’re getting a ton of leaked information about this phone and its larger sibling, the Galaxy Z Fold 6. While we know pretty much everything there is to know about them, we’re still excited to see what they will offer. We’ll see it soon enough, as Galaxy Unpacked is going down on July 10th. That’s only five days away, so mark your calendars!

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 might have an LCD panel

As always, you’ll want to take this news with a grain of salt. While this information seems official, we still want to keep our guard up until we see it come straight from Samsung.

This information comes from a leaked spec sheet thanks to 9To5Google. The spec sheet was developed by Samsung itself, so it doesn’t dive too much into the weeds about the specifics. It’s mostly to hype up the device and cover the most impressive specs.

However, one section of the sheet shows the specs for the Z Flip 6’s display, and we see that Samsung opted for an LCD panel for the cover display. On the sheet, we see that pretty much everything is the same as last year’s phone. It has the same 3.4-inch size and it has the same 720 x 748 resolution. Also, it looks like it’s going to have the same folder shape to it to fill out more of the front panel. It’s all the company could do to keep from pulling a Motorola and having it encompass the external cameras as well.

Is this really bad?

There are some people who’d find this pretty disappointing. We can’t deny that phones with AMOLED screens have more saturation and better contrast. So, hearing that Samsung decided on LCD technology for the Z Flip 6 sounds like a bummer.

However, it’s not such a bad thing. OLED technology has progressed over the years and gotten better, but so has LCD technology. When OLED tech was still taking over the industry, the differences between it and LCD technology were blatantly obvious. However, LCD is to the point where high-quality panels are pretty much indistinguishable from OLED panels.

Obviously, the contrast can never be as good, but some panels out there have excellent contrast and colors on par with OLED panels. Some examples are the panels in the OnePlus Nord N300 and OnePlus Pad. Devices as old as the LG G6 also had LCD displays that looked absolutely gorgeous.

Also, we can’t forget about the display in the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ (Review), another Samsung product. That screen is also beautiful. So, we’re sure that Samsung is going to use a very high-quality panel for its Galaxy Z Flip 6.

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