The incredible Sony WH-XB910N ANC headphones are now just $123


Today, Amazon has the Sony WH-XB910N Active Noise Cancelling headphones down to just $123. That does bring the WH-XB910N down to their all-time lowest price, even cheaper than we saw during Black Friday. Their regular price is $249, so this is a pretty good price here.

The Sony WH-XB910N are part of the company’s EXTRA BASS lineup, so you can expect plenty of bass coming out of these. There’s a dedicated bass duct on the headphone housing and increased airtightness between the driver units and eardrums that help to create precise, punchy rhythms that lift every track.

Sony has included dual noise cancelling for intense music. So you can really immerse yourself in your favorite songs.

But what about battery life? That’s not affected here. As the WH-XB910N’s do offer up to 30 hours of playback. Of course, that will depend on the volume and the music being played, but that is pretty impressive. Sony also includes fast charging, where you can plug in for about 10 minutes and get 4.5 hours of playback.

Like most of Sony’s headphones lately, the WH-XB910N offer a ton of controls on the earcups. There’s Quick Attention Mode, where you can place your hand over the right earcup to turn down the volume and also deactivate noise cancelling. So you can instantly hear what someone is saying to you.

You can also change the track, adjust volume, and play/pause by swiping on the touch panel on your earcup.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are available with the Sony WH-XB910N headphones. So you can get your notifications read to you, ask your assistant to call someone and much more.

You can pick up the Sony WH-XB910N headphones from Amazon today by clicking here.

Sony WH-XB910N – Amazon

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