The Play Store could make finding your favorite apps easier

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When you’re browsing the Google Play Store, you have some degree of control over the apps suggested for you. You see app suggestions based on the apps you typically download. Well, the Play Store is going to make the suggestions even better by bringing a new Interests feature.

You’ll want to take this news cautiously, as it comes from an APK deep-dive. Assemble Debug worked with Android Authority for this leak. In the deep-dive, Assemble Debug found some code pointing to this feature. However, that doesn’t mean that this feature is going to come out. Google is currently working on it, but there’s no telling if the company will ax it before it launches.

The Google Play Store could bring an Interests section

As stated, Google curates app suggestions based on the apps that you usually download. However, it looks like the company is going to take that to a new level. When/if Google launches this feature for the Play Store, you’ll be able to change your preferences in the app settings.

Assemble Debug found code in version 41.7.16-31 of the Play Store. In the app’s settings, you’ll see a new Interests section. You’ll be able to add interests, but we don’t know what kind of interests you’ll be able to add. We’re sure there will be general interests like music, photography, action, animals, horror, etc. These will be general subjects that apps can fall under. When you add an interest, Google will tailor your app suggestions based on them.

In the screenshot below, we see a few things. Firstly, we see that you’re able to add interests for apps and games separately. This is great, as what we like in our games rarely aligns with what we like in our apps. We also see the options to remove those Interests separately.

Google Play Store Interests
From Android Authority

This is a pretty straightforward feature, and hopefully, Google will launch it. Users will have more control over the kinds of apps the Play Store suggests.

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