The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE “AI Phone” is only $529

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE AM AH 47

Amazon is currently offering a pretty good deal for the Galaxy S23 FE, which will save you $75. The 128GB model is currently on sale for just $524.99, while the 256GB model is available for $584.99.

In our review of the Galaxy S23 FE published in November 2023, we said that the Galaxy S23 FE proves that the flagship Galaxy experience doesn’t have to be expensive. And today it is much cheaper. It has a pretty incredible display, which does not surprise me, considering Samsung is the display king. It also has pretty good performance but can heat up quite a bit. That’s always been true of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, unfortunately.

Our experience also tells us that the battery life is pretty good here. We could get around eight hours of screen time multiple times. Which is pretty good; it’s not the best or outstanding, but that should be enough to get most people through the day.

This is a decent phone, and at its regular price, it’s pretty tough not to recommend it. But now that it is $100 off, it does make the Galaxy S23 FE a much better deal. Especially with the way Samsung updates its flagship phones.

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