The second ‘Super Mario Bros.’ trailer reveals Donkey Kong and Rainbow Road

Nintendo has released a new trailer for its upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. After the short teaser the gaming giant offered at the start of last month, the new clip offers a better insight into what fans can expect from the film. Not only do we hear more of Chris Pratt as Mario, but we also see Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogan make appearances as Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. Oh, and the best part is that the film will include a nod to the Mario Kart series with a visit to Rainbow Road. 

According to Mario and Zelda series creator Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo redesigned Donkey Kong’s model for the first time since the loveable ape made the jump to 3D in 1994’s Donkey Kong Country. “Some of you may have noticed, but for this movie, we seized the opportunity to give a comical personality and design reminiscent of the original character,” Miyamoto said.

With the exception of Chris Pratt’s voice acting, everything else about the movie seems delightful. The animation is colorful and fluid, and it’s great to see so many nods to other Mario games. It’s also fun to see Mario cast as a bumbling newbie. Whether Super Mario Bros. will be worth the cost of admission we’ll have to wait until April 7th, 2023 to find out.