The Sims 4’s Lovestruck expansion lets you dive into a steamy polyamory sandbox

The new Lovestruck expansion pack for The Sims 4 gives the decade-old sequel a shot of life by turning it into a full-fledged dating sim — including non-monogamous WooHoo-ing for the first time. In addition to polyamory, the $40 DLC adds an in-game dating app, an encounter-planning system, turn-ons and turn-offs and a swanky singles club where Leisure Suit Larry (apologies for the dated reference) would feel right at home.

The expansion pack takes your Sim to Ciudad Enamorada, “a gorgeous city in love and the perfect place for all of your romantic encounters.” It includes three neighborhoods for all the dangerous (if you’re into that) liaisons your Sim’s gibberish-speaking heart can handle.

Your Sim can meet, flirt, spark romance or even rent a room at “Beso Rápido” for a quickie WooHoo. They’re no longer boxed into monogamy, letting you set up dates with as many partners as your Sim wants.

A person in a bedroom looks at their fun while three bubbles show various options.

The Cupid’s Corner app (in the game, not on your phone) lets your Sim snap selfies, create a profile and set preferences for compatible partners. Potential connections will appear in the app’s Matches tab, where you can tap a heart to save and spark a chat.

The date planner lets you craft a night to remember with customizable date types, venues, group invites (ha-cha-cha), activities and goals. When you meet your match for the date, you can test the chemistry by playing games, chatting over a picnic, sharing food or cuddling (or something like that) in bed. Most importantly, EA added new options for kisses, sultry dances and three new WooHoo spots… because variety is the spice of life.

The expansion adds four romance types that will vary depending on the partners: wholesome, steamy, strained and unpredictable. Your Sim can level up their romance skills as they mingle and unlock spicy new interactions.

Still from the Sims 4 Lovestruck expansion. A bed with (unseen) people under the covers, with a heart emanating from above. Swanky bedroom.

The Sims’ representation has evolved significantly since the base game’s inception. EA added gender customization in 2016, followed by Pride-themed content three years later. The ability to change your Sim’s sexual orientation finally arrived two years ago, not long after EA incorporated a pronoun customization option.

The Lovestruck expansion for The Sims 4 costs $40 and launches on July 25. Those who pre-order the DLC will get digital bonuses like a Cry Me a River Eyeliner (it wouldn’t be dating without a few broken hearts), Herbert Heart Plushie and, everyone’s favorite, the Basic Breakup Double Bed.

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