This AT&T add-on allows you to get three phone upgrades per year

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The AT&T program designed to change phones several times a year receives a new option. The carrier just announced Next Up Anytime, which allows you to get up to three phone upgrades per year (for a price) on AT&T. In addition to a monthly fee, there are other requirements, although they are not that demanding.

There are people who, for one reason or another, change their phone every so often. For example, those tech fans who like to constantly try new products, or even professionals who make reviews. AT&T targeted this segment by launching the “Next Up” program. Now, the company announced “Next Up Anytime”, a more expensive option that offers more flexibility.

$10/month is the price to get three annual device upgrades on AT&T

Enrolling in the “Next Up Anytime” program costs $10 per month. For that fee, users will be able to upgrade their devices up to three times a year. To do so, they must have met one of the following conditions. They will be able to switch after having paid at least 33% of the price of their phone, or after having made both the first installment payment and the first Next Up Anytime payment. In both cases, users will also have available all the carrier’s plans and promotions.

“Next Up Anytime” works as an add-on to your current bill. It will be available to all AT&T clients starting July 16. In comparison, the standard “Next Up” program costs $6 monthly. The latter only allows you to upgrade to a new device by giving your current one. In addition, it requires having paid at least half of the total price of the device. So, “Next Up Anytime” offers more flexibility.

Maybe you are one of those who doesn’t see much sense in switching devices in such a short period of time. However, the program may be interesting for those with certain specific needs.

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