This cute UGREEN 30W Charger is only $18

ugreen nexode rg charger

UGREEN’s popular Nexode Robot USB-C charger is back on sale right now at Amazon. It’s now just $18.19, which is a 30% savings over its regular price. This is an all-time low for this charger, which we last saw back in April. So now is the perfect time to grab one.

This is a 30W USB-C charger with a single port. That’s faster than most phones (launched in the US) can charge at, so it’s plenty fast. The iPhone 15 series charges at 20W, while the Galaxy S24 does 25W and the Pixel 8 does around 25W-30W. So you’re still going to get speedy charging out of this little charger.

How is this charger so small? Well, it’s a GaN charger. For those that aren’t aware, use silicone inside most plugs, chargers, etc., to keep them cool. Obviously, with electricity flowing through them, they can get quite hot. However, using Gallium Nitride (also known as GaN), the charger can stay cooler and use up less space. This allows this 30W charger to be smaller than most 5W chargers.

With USB-C chargers, it’s really hard to differentiate them from brand to brand, but UGREEN has found a way to do just that. This charger has an LED display on one side that shows a face and indicates if something is charging with ears on the sides, as well as a cap for the actual plug that looks like feet. It’s pretty cute, and it does come in a couple of different colors (and sizes). This particular 30W charger comes in purple and black.

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