This is a must-have Cyber Monday deal on a Samsung robot vacuum

Samsung Vacuum Deals Black Friday

For the rest of Cyber Monday, you can let a Samsung vacuum help you with the floor cleaning and you absolutely should. Because for the rest of the day, Samsung’s Jet Bot+ robot vacuum is on sale for half off. The regular price for this vacuum is $799 but it’s currently being discounted down to $399. Saving you $400.

What makes this robot vacuum so good and why is this a must-have deal? For starters, it comes with a self-cleaning station. So once the vacuum is done sucking up all the dust, dirt, and debris, from your floors, it’ll go back to the charging station which will empty the bin in the vacuum before the charging starts. This is an amazing feature to have on a robot vacuum because it means less emptying out the dust for you.

The vacuum also comes with a 5-layer HEPA filter inside so it cleans the air as it cleans your floors. And like most robot vacuums, you can set it up to clean only certain areas of your home by blocking off rooms. Plus, the dust bin inside the vacuum is fully washable. If you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, there’s a couple of good options for manual vacuums on sale as well. You can find the full list of vacuums on sale for Black Friday below.

Now if it were us, we’d go with the robot vacuum because the cleaning is less hands-on. But the stick vacuums are available at great prices through the rest of today. And you get more control over what exactly is being cleaned.

You can find all the Samsung vacuum deals for Cyber Monday by clicking here.

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