This is the Google Pixel 9 in Pink!

google pixel 9

Google is set to announce the new Pixel 9 lineup next month in Mountain View. But apparently, the Pixel 9 is already on sale in Algeria. Twitter user @hanibioud got his hands on the Pixel 9 in Pink, in a 256GB model. He’s taken a quick video of the phone, with the new camera bump too.

Google doesn’t typically do colors like this for the Pixel, but this is definitely a fun color to have available. Maybe Google is back go giving us fun colors, instead of the same old black, white and blue.

We can definitely see the flat sides and the new camera bar on display here with the Pixel 9. It’s definitely a different look for the Pixel this year, and one that makes it look a bit more like an iPhone knockoff. Of course, I’ll reserve more judgement until I actually see the phone in person. But at least people can’t complain that it looks the same as last year.

The first ever Pink Pixel

Google’s never done a Pink Pixel before, and one has to think that Google is doing this to appeal to the women out there. In the past few years, Google has offered a blue version of the Pixel, or a green version. For example, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro came in both Bay and Mint colors. While the Pixel 8a came in a bright green color. Now we have a pretty bright pink color, which is something iJustine will love.

The Pixel 9 is set to be announced on August 13, a couple months earlier than usual for Google. Typically, Google would announce the Pixel in October. Perhaps the earlier announcement means that Google is looking to challenge the iPhone, finally.

Like with the Pixel 8, we’d expect the Pixel 9 to come with seven years of updates as well. Which is a really nice addition for a phone these days.

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