TikTok launches AI avatars based on real people for businesses

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TikTok has revealed its plan to launch a newly generative AI feature called “digital avatar” for businesses. This feature will help businesses create and promote branded content more easily. The digital avatar is based on real people and is part of TikTok’s effort to improve social media campaigns.

TikTok’s generative AI-powered avatars are based on real peoples

The generative AI-powered avatars are made exclusively for brands and businesses. The goal of it is to help the creators and brands promote their products and services more easily. The tech giant states that “AI personas are intended to assist creators and businesses in developing branded content. The generative AI will aid them in generating human-like promotions in a shorter timeframe.”

As of right now, TikTok offers two kinds of avatars: stock avatars and custom avatars. The former is based on real paid influencers, while the latter is based on creators and brand spokespeople. The avatars can be customized to speak in different languages and to create different content to cater to the needs of the target audience.

The brand further claims that the new features can help the creators and businesses get even more reach on the platform. This will also indirectly result in generating higher revenue for the brand.

The generative AI avatars still need a lot of improvements

Engadget recently tested a new AI-generated avatar video on TikTok. While the video looks good, it still lacks a human-like touch. It appears too artificial, but the voice does resemble the original personality. However, the speaking style and body movements seem too fabricated.

Well, it might be too early to judge the functionality. But for now, it’s not what the audience wants. The feature still has a lot of areas where it can improve. It will be interesting to see whether TikTok will improve the AI avatars in the future

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