Twitter is showing recommended tweets to everyone

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Twitter usage and new user signups have gone up since Elon Musk’s takeover. While that doesn’t necessarily mean the platform has gotten better or worse, it’s evident that more people are now using it than before. And, the company wants to keep them engaged on the platform for longer. It has started showing recommended tweets to all users. Twitter says it is now surfacing recommendations to even those who have never seen them in the past.

Recommended tweets are those posted by accounts you don’t follow but show up on your timeline. The social media app tailors this experience based on your interests and preferences. Everything from personal info you share with Twitter and topics you follow to tweets you engage with and tweets people in your network can affect this experience. Twitter regularly curates your recommendations feed to show you “relevant, healthy, and authentic” tweets from people you don’t follow.

Since recommended tweets are usually about topics that you mostly engage with on the platform, they drive engagement. As new users throng Twitter rapidly, it wants to show them more relevant content so they don’t quit quickly. “We want to ensure everyone on Twitter sees the best content on the platform, so we’re expanding recommendations to all users, including those who may not have seen them in the past,” Twitter Support said in a tweet on Wednesday.

You can still be able to avoid recommended tweets on Twitter

The tweet linked to a September blog post from the company about Twitter recommendations. The blog post details how the feature works, where recommended tweets appear, and how you can control and help the company improve your recommendations. It explains that you can easily stop seeing recommendations on the platform. Simply switch to the latest tweets from the “sparkle icon” on the top right corner of your Twitter timeline. You can switch back to the Home timeline with recommended tweets mixed with tweets from accounts you follow from the same place.

Twitter may be showing recommendations to everyone, but you may still be able to avoid seeing tweets from accounts you don’t follow on your timeline. When The Verge editor Alex Heath complained about this change, the company simply recommended he switch to the latest tweets. So things are still the same, it seems. Just that Twitter may be automatically switching users to the Home timeline. You can always switch back with just a couple of taps on the screen.

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