Winter Season Weed Control

Growth Inhibitors

Winter can be a great time to eliminate very stubborn weeds. In addition to winter weed control, you should also consider weed suppressants or growth inhibitors in the winter. These products do not kill winter weeds, but they stop them from growing by blocking their photosynthesis (stops germination). This is a great way to temper Dallis Grass, Poa anna, rescue grass, and winter rye infestations.

Common Grassy Weeds: poa-annua-in-grass-bright green

During the Winter, Keep Your Lawn Debris and People-Free

Once you’ve taken care of all the Winter lawn preparation, it’s important to remember to keep traffic on your grass to a minimum and remove any obstructing debris. Human activity and debris alike cause soil compaction on your lawn. This obstructs grassroots from getting the air, water, and nutrients it needs to thrive. Let your lawn breathe, and watch your grass grow into a healthy yard with no dead patches in sight.

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