World of Warcraft: Top 5 most influential human leaders of the Alliance

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World of Warcraft has been gaining millions of new fans every year for twenty years. And there are many good reasons for that. The main thing that makes the gaming community adore WoW is its multiple expansions. Each of them comes with unique raids and offers different levels of challenge. So you will hardly be bored during the game. What is more, some raid bosses have such complex mechanics that many players resort to WoW boost services to defeat them.

But in-game action isn’t the only reason why players have considered World of Warcraft their favorite game over the years. This brainchild of Blizzard also has the richest lore. Take, for example, events related to the Alliance. For many years, this coalition protected all life on Azeroth from the Horde, Scourge, and Burning Legion. During its existence, this faction has seen many leaders. Let’s dig deeper and shed some light on the people who went down in history as the most outstanding leaders of the Alliance. Keep reading — we have something interesting to surprise you with!

#5 — Jaina Proudmoore: The Powerful and Resilient Sorceress

Jaina is the most powerful human sorceress alive and a fearsome mage, making her one of the primary characters in Warcraft lore. Jaina consistently demonstrates her leadership abilities throughout the expansions, holding several titles including Lord Admiral, Archmage, Leader of Kirin Tor, and Ruler of Theramore. After Theramore is destroyed, Jaina is filled with wrath and wants retribution. Fortunately, Jaina is stopped from acting on her violent despair by Arthas’s warning story of devastation, which enables her to find closure and go forward with a fresh outlook.

#4 — Anduin Lothar: The Lion of Azeroth

Sir Anduin Lothar was one of the best warriors in human history. He was the champion knight of the Kingdom of Stormwind during the First War before the creation of the Alliance. Also, after King Llane of Stormwind was killed and his son Varian was not yet of age, Lothar acted as Varian’s regent until Stormwind was restored.

Thanks to his knowledge of warfare and extensive experience in battles against the orcs, Lothar was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance forces. Lothar was killed at the Battle of Blackrock Mountain by Orgrim Doomhammer before the closure of the Dark Portal that ended the Second War. Orgrim believed that Lothar’s death would deprive the Alliance army of hope, but the complete opposite happened. Picking up the hero’s shield and broken sword, Turalyon led the army into a new attack, in which the orcs’ defense was routed. Thanks in large part to this, Khadgar, Lothar’s old friend, was later able to destroy the Dark Portal.

Anduin Lothar’s life was cut short before he could see his homeland liberated from the orcs and restored. In honor of this great leader of the Alliance, a large stone statue was erected in the Burning Steppes. This statue depicts Lothar in his final battle, pointing towards Blackrock Spire, calling for an attack. Lord Lothar’s legacy lives on in the hearts of every free citizen of Stormwind. Additionally, the Crown Prince of Stormwind was named after this heroic figure. Anduin Lothar also serves as the main protagonist on the Alliance side in Duncan Jones’ feature film “Warcraft,” portrayed by Travis Fimmel.

#3 — Turalyon: The Valiant Champion of the Light

The Alliance of Lordaeron would not have been formed during the Second War without Turalyon. At the time, Turalyon was a respected priest who brought Prince Varian Wrynn before the Kings and gave a speech that inspired everyone to work together as allies. Later, when he was a High Commander, Turalyon led troops through the Dark Portal that opened between Azeroth and Draenor. He then helped destroy the portal to protect Azeroth. Turalyon got a stone statue in The Valley of Heroes for being a brave leader and making the final sacrifice.

#2 — Anduin Wrynn: The Young and Visionary King of Stormwind

Anduin is Varian Wrynn’s successor, although, unlike his father, he is softer and more introspective. He called for a nonviolent solution to the dispute with the Horde. After ascending the Stormwind throne, he was forced to reconcile his desire for peace with the seeming need for war. Anduin endured under the authority of the Jailer after being imprisoned in the Maw. Though he was finally released from the effects of Domination magic, he had been transformed by it. Anduin Wrynn was unable to return to Azeroth for fear of losing his ability to call on the Light as he once did.

Some people don’t think Anduin is a great leader. However, his unique vision, character growth, and participation in big events make him one of the most important and powerful Alliance leaders in recent World of Warcraft history. His story isn’t over yet. Anduin Wrynn looks like he will be very important to the Alliance going forward.

#1 — Varian Wrynn: The Unyielding High King of Stormwind

Varian Wrynn was the first High King of the Alliance and led his troops to victory over the Lich King. He lost his memory and fought as a gladiator after being captured by Horde. Because of this experience, two different sides of his personality came out: the peaceful aristocrat and the rage-filled barbarian. Varian gradually learned to temper his ferocity with tolerance and understanding, resulting in a more balanced leader. When he came back and beat Onyxia, Varian Wrynn got his name back and became King again. He died in the end in a fight against the Burning Legion in order for the Alliance forces to leave safely.

Varian was a more military-focused leader than his son Anduin. However, his character growth, military wins, and final sacrifice make Varian the most powerful and important Alliance leader in World of Warcraft history.


From Varian Wrynn to Jaina Proudmoore, these influential leaders of the Alliance have left lasting legacies through their courage and leadership in World of Warcraft. Their stories reflect the game’s rich lore and enduring appeal to millions of players worldwide. Become one of them and give a try to this game. WoW has definitely something interesting to offer to you.

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