Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 & MIX Flip will launch this month: Confirmed

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Xiaomi will launch the MIX Fold 4 and MIX Flip this month, it has been confirmed. This confirmation comes from Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, so it’s clear as day.

The Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 & MIX Flip will launch this month

Lei Jun confirmed it via a post on X. Interestingly enough, the post was about Xiaomi’s next-gen smart factory in Changping, Beijing. Lei Jun says that the factory is now operational and that the two aforementioned foldables will be manufactured there.

Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 and MIX Flip launch confirmation

He also added that Xiaomi invested CNY2.4 billion into this 81,000sqm factory. The factory is capable of producing 10 million flagship smartphones a year. Yes, it will be focused on flagship phones, it seems.

The Xiaomi MIX Fold 4 will become the company’s fourth-gen book-style foldable. The Xiaomi MIX Flip, on the other hand, will be the first of its kind. Xiaomi did not launch a flip phone just yet, the MIX Flip will be the first.

We still don’t know the launch date, though

Even though Lei Jun announced that the two foldables are coming this month, he did not say when exactly. The launch date will likely be revealed soon, though. The launch event will take place in China.

The Xiaomi MIX Flip is likely coming to global markets, as several sources confirmed it. The Xiaomi MIX Fold 4, on the other hand, well… the jury is still out on that one. One source said it’ll launch globally, the other denied it. It remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, it’s about time Xiaomi offers its book-style foldable to consumers outside of its homeland.

Both of these smartphones will be quite powerful, by the way. It’s possible that both will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, though the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 could be thrown into the mix too… maybe for the MIX Flip. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is a more likely option for both phones.

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