Your iPhone X is now vintage!

iPhone x

Ah, it seems like only yesterday when Apple revolutionized the classic silhouette of the smartphone. 2017’s iPhone X brought the reign of the notch to the smartphone industry. It doesn’t feel like it was all that long ago, but it does to the company. Apple now considers the iPhone X a vintage device.

Time flies! We all remember how big of an impact the iPhone X had on the smartphone industry. At that time, companies like LG and Samsung flipped the script on smartphone design by being the first OEMs to bring the taller aspect ratio to phones. That set into motion companies’ crusade against the bezels. The iPhone was heavily overdue for a revamp, and it wanted to shrink the bezels more than the competition.

So, it did so. The iPhone X brought forth the notch. As such, about 90% of the smartphone industry followed suit, and then things got…… boring.

The iPhone X is now considered vintage

This isn’t Apple’s way of making this phone seem like a classic treasure. Let’s face it, calling a device “Vintage” sounds a lot better than calling it “About To Be Unsupported.” And that’s what’s happening.

Apple has upgraded the iPhone X’s status to Vintage. This goes out to phones that the company stopped distributing more than five years ago, but less than seven. We know that the iPhone X is seven years old, but this moniker goes by when the company stopped selling the device.

Along with this title comes a warning. Once a device hits that seven-year mark, it will be considered Obsolete. When it falls into that category, you will not be able to receive any hardware service for that device. It’s officially a fossil.

So, the iPhone X still has two more years of life left in it before it enters the museum. This is pretty surprising, as it doesn’t seem like this phone was released all that long ago. In any case, if you own this phone, then you’re going to want to consider upgrading to a newer model.

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