YouTube testing a “Hype” option for fans to boost reach of videos

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YouTube is testing a new “Hype” experimental feature in select geographies. This is a new method of boosting reach for videos where viewers take special importance. The company claims that it is designed to help small creators become known faster.

The new YouTube “Hype” feature will be available as a button similar to “Like” and “Share” on videos. According to the company, hyping a video will help it “appear in the ranking along with other promoted videos that week.” However, there are limitations related to the scope, probably to avoid “breaking” the algorithm.

YouTube “Hype” to help boost the reach of videos in select geographies

In its current state, “Hype” will only be available for videos uploaded in the last seven days. Using the option gives creators a kind of “shortcut” to expand the reach of their videos with the help of their community. The hyped videos will appear in the “Explore” feed (your homescreen on YouTube) faster. However, hyping a video will not list it in the Trending feed.

The feature description suggests that there will be new hyped videos every week. Those videos that receive the most “Hype” are the ones that will appear in the Explore feed. This is especially useful for emerging channels that are having a hard time getting off the ground, but have a loyal community. If viewers agree, they can expand the reach of their favorite creator’s video.

No impact on search results or Trending feed

Unlike “Likes,” using the “Hype” option will have no impact on the video’s ranking in YouTube search results. So, basically, it is an option for a video to be listed in the Explore feed quickly, which will help the creator reach a larger audience. Of course, things like the video title or the choice of thumbnail will also be key aspects.

Currently, the YouTube “Hype” feature is experimental and available in select geographies. Only users in Brazil, Taiwan, and Turkey can use it. Plus, it’s not even available to all small creators. The company’s post says that the feature is “limited to a subset of YouTube Partner Program content creators with fewer than 500,000 subscribers.”

It is not yet known if the “Hypes” will cost viewers money. Currently, creators have multiple options to monetize their audience beyond subscriptions. For example, during live streams, audiences can send Super Chats, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. All of these items are paid, so it wouldn’t be strange if the “Hype” button is too.

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