Apple’s 10th-gen iPad falls to an all-time low of $300

Apple’s 10th-gen iPad has become a much better value after a permanent $100 price cut earlier this month, and now a new discount has made it even more affordable. The 10.9-inch tablet is on sale for $300 at Amazon, which is the lowest price we’ve seen to date. Just note that you’ll need to clip … Read more

OpenAI establishes a new safety oversight board

When it comes to AI, safety is one of the most important topics. As we’ve seen with the likes of Google and Meta, there’s a bad side to this innovative technology. Well, OpenAI just established a new oversight board to ensure that it’s developing AI safely. The AI startup previously had an oversight board, but … Read more

Best iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuums for May 2024

iRobot has become pretty synonymous with robot vacuums. Much like Android phones are now often referred to as “Galaxy,” or you don’t say you searched for something, you “Googled” it. You don’t say what kind of robot vacuum you have; it’s just a Roomba. And over the years, iRobot has released quite a few new … Read more

Samsung shows off the Galaxy Ring at its first Health Partner Day

Recently, Samsung held an event around its Health platform where its long-awaited Galaxy Ring was one of the protagonists. The company does not want to be the only one developing features for Health, but rather seeks to collaborate with high-profile partners in the segment to enhance it. Samsung is giving more and more importance to … Read more

Google rushes to fix weird answers in AI Overviews

This might sound familiar to you: Google rushes a half-baked AI tool to the internet, then scrambles to fix it when it goes wrong. We’ve seen this happen several times ever since Bard hit the market last year. Well, the curse has been passed down to Google’s latest AI innovation. Google is rushing to fix … Read more

Meta now summarizes news stories rather than linking to sites

Imagine being the main benefactor of an industry and ultimately being its downfall. Well, Meta and Google don’t have to strain themselves to imagine this. Both companies are driving a knife into the news industry’s heart. Meta recently stopped showing news links, and it’s now summarizing news articles. If this sounds familiar, Google recently pulled … Read more