Samsung’s Good Lock customization app comes to more countries

Samsung is bringing its high-octane Good Lock customization app for Galaxy smartphones to more markets. The app is rolling out to Galaxy users in several new countries across Europe and Latin America. The company hasn’t officially announced this expansion yet. Launched back in March 2016, Good Lock has existed for more than six years now. But … Read more

OPPO MariSilicon Y delivers “same audio quality as a wired connection”

Not many people are interested in knowing about Bluetooth audio chips, but the OPPO MariSilicon Y, the one OPPO just announced, is rather interesting. Why? Well, because it brings some major improvements to audio. OPPO MariSilicon Y Bluetooth chip delivers wired audio quality The name of this chip is the MariSilicon Y, and it has … Read more

It’s official, OnePlus 11 will launch on December 17

The OnePlus 11 will launch on December 17, the company has just confirmed. Do note that the launch event will take place in China. The information has been confirmed by OnePlus via Weibo (a Chinese social media network). The OnePlus 11 launch event will take place on December 17 The launch event will kick off … Read more

Tronsmart Bang SE is the company’s newest party speaker

Tronsmart has launched a new party speaker called “Bang SE”. The company said that this speaker will provide you with “24 hours of fun time”. Considering it is a part of the Tronsmart Bang series of speakers, a light show is also guaranteed. The Tronsmart Bang SE is the latest speaker in the series, and … Read more

The role of technology in Forex Trading in 2023

Technology is growing rapidly; the number of investments, creators, and projects has recently risen. There’s no facet of life where technology is not making an impact. If you trade the financial market on forex trading platforms, you will notice that most platforms adopt the latest technology to improve their services and trading experience. As a … Read more

Jack Dorsey responds to Twitter Files: there were no ‘hidden agendas’

Jack Dorsey has waded into the Twitter Files discourse. Writing in a newsletter, Dorsey lightly criticizes the manner the files have been released, and condemned attacks on former Twitter executives. “I continue to believe there was no ill intent or hidden agendas, and everyone acted according to the best information we had at the time,” … Read more

Twitter has reportedly dismissed Elon Musk’s personal lawyer

In one of his first all-hands meetings after taking over the company in October, Elon Musk told Twitter employees the website’s financial position was dire, warning bankruptcy was “not out of question.” Since then, it appears the situation at Twitter has become more fraught. The New York Times reports the company is taking drastic steps to cut … Read more

Audio from a Martian dust devil captured for the first time

NASA announced today that the Perseverance rover has captured audio from a Martian dust devil for the first time. But the clip not only treats us to the novelty of hearing an extraterrestrial vortex; it could also help scientists better understand how dust might affect future Mars missions. The rover’s microphones picked up the dust … Read more

Honda’s 2023 Accord Touring will be its first car with Google apps built-in

Honda is joining the ranks of automakers embracing Google’s services. As teased last year, the company has announced that the 2023 Accord sedan’s high-end Touring trim will be the brand’s first car with Google built-in as standard. You’ll have out-of-the-dealership access to Google Assistant, Google Maps and the Play Store on the vehicle’s 12.3-inch infotainment … Read more

Congress introduces bill to ban TikTok over spying fears

American politicians aren’t just restricting access to TikTok — they now hope to ban it outright. Members of the House and Senate have introduced matching bills that would block transactions from any social media company in or influenced by China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Venezuela. The ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act (Averting the National Threat … Read more

Phone Comparisons: OnePlus 10 Pro vs Apple iPhone 14 Plus

The OnePlus 11 is right around the corner, but the OnePlus 10 Pro is still one of the best smartphones at the moment. If you’re still thinking of buying it, we have a new comparison to share. In this article, we’ll compare the OnePlus 10 Pro vs Apple iPhone 14 Plus. These two devices have … Read more