7.9-inch foldable iPhone coming with ‘wrap-around design’

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According to a new report, Apple’s first foldable iPhone will have a 7.9-inch display, and feature the so-called ‘wrap-around design’. This information comes from Haitong International analyst, Jeff Pu.

The first foldable iPhone is coming with wrap-around design in 2026

This device is expected to arrive in 2026, at least based on the current information. Jeff Pu also said that Apple’s approach is similar to Huawei’s with the Huawei Mate Xs 2. That device also had a wrap-around design.

What does that mean? It means that the first iPhone won’t fold like a book, despite the fact it will be similar in terms of size to those phones. It will fold outwards, which means that a part of its display will always be exposed. That also means it will have a single display.

That is basically everything Jeff Pu said about the device. It does reveal more than previous reports, though. Not many people expected an outwards-folding foldable smartphone, that’s for sure.

Apple is also working on several other foldable devices

Earlier, Jeff Pu said that Apple plans to release a foldable 20.3-inch hybrid in 2025, followed by a foldable iPhone in 2026. That hybrid could be a MacBook and iPad combo of sorts, but we don’t have much information about it.

Apple also allegedly has a 20-inch foldable hybrid device in development (which could be the same as the 20.3-inch one, though). That one is expected to arrive either in 2026 or 2027. So it could launch after the foldable iPhone.

Many people are waiting for Apple to launch its first foldable device, especially an iPhone. The company is quite a bit late to the party at the moment, but that’s the way Apple rolls. It always comes in late, when the technology matures, in a way.

It will surely be interesting to see what will Apple have to offer in the foldable space. Outwards-folding design is a risk on the company’s part, that’s for sure. Going with a book-style foldable would make more sense.

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