Alphabet and Meta are making deals with Hollywood

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One of the biggest issues with AI is the matter of legally obtaining content to train the models. Well, after getting grilled by the public at large about scraping data from the internet for free, companies are now throwing money around to scrape copyrighted content. Alphabet and Meta are looking to make deals with Hollywood companies. These are to gain access to these studios’ content to train their AI models.

Right now, Google and YouTube are butting heads with OpenAI about possibly using YouTube videos to train Sora. This is the company’s rather scary AI video generation platform. OpenAI didn’t directly say whether it did or didn’t use YouTube videos. If so, you can bet that there would be some sort of legal repercussions because of this.

Alphabet and Meta are making deals with Hollywood studios

As if we need any more proof that big corporations don’t care about the people propping them up, we just got a new report that Alphabet (the company that owns Google) and Meta are in talks with several Hollywood studios about making some multi-million-dollar deals. These deals will give the companies access to licensed video content to train their AI models.

From what we know now, studios like Netflix, Disney, and Warner Brothers were tapped for this. The first two weren’t all too happy to jump aboard. They didn’t outright decline the offers, however. They’re just looking to pursue partnerships in other ways, according to the report. So, while these companies might not gain access to Disney’s and Netflix’s content, we can’t rule out some sort of partnership.

Warner Brothers, on the other hand, seemed a bit more open to the idea. So, Alphabet or Meta might be able to gain access to its content.

Right now, details on these deals are pretty scarce. We don’t know which of these companies will gain access to the content, what kind of deals Netflix and Disney are looking to make, or if these partnerships will go through.

This highlights one of the biggest issues with AI

Just like most things in the world, companies getting their hands on human-created content is something that the mass majority of people don’t like, but it persists because of those with money and power. Over decades, human beings created content that filled out the libraries of Disney, Netflix, and Warner Brothers. A ton of blood, sweat, and tears went into making those movies and shows. Most people would not like their hard work being used to train AI models for the rising generation of “AI prompters” to use.

However, despite the protestations of creators from all walks of life, big companies are still showing blatant disregard and slinging millions of dollars to further drive the stake into creators’ hearts. With Veo and Sora set to hit the shelves eventually, there’s no telling how many filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, etc. will be ejected in lieu of AI models.

The studios don’t have to worry because major AI companies are going to keep pouring money into their pockets to make this happen. So big companies can cut costs by eliminating people and get paid to feed their creations into AI companies. The rise in AI only highlights corporate greed, and it’s only going to get worse.

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