Android 13 is coming to the LG Velvet

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Korean tech giant LG, unfortunately, shut down its smartphone division last year. The tech world definitely felt that, but it doesn’t mean that the company is finished with phones altogether. According to 9To5Google, the LG Velvet is slated to get Android 13 next year.

The LG Velvet was one of the company’s final significant smartphones. It had a rather slender gorgeous AMOLED display with a U-shaped notch at the top. Even though it used a mid-range processor, it was still able to deliver some good performance across the board. Also, you cannot forget about the gorgeous and unique design with the water drop camera package array.

By the time that LG shut down its phone division, the company was most likely preparing for the successor to this device. However, wasn’t meant to be.

The LG Velvet will get Android 13 next year

It would have been a huge just slap to the face if LG ceased its smartphone software support after it shut down its smartphone division. Along with the Velvet, LG had other devices due for substantial future Android support.

Luckily, that support will come next year. LG recently posted a roadmap for the first quarter of 2023. The road map talked about security packages for phones such as the LG Q610, Q92 5G, Q 52 5G, and the Wing. The roadmap also pointed to Android 13 coming to the LG Velvet. Since the roadmap refers to Q1 of 2023, we can expect the update to arrive within the first three months.

If you own the LG Wing, we are not sure if the Android 13 update is coming to you, but you shouldn’t rule it out. In any case, if the update does reach your device, it’s going to be during Q2 or later.

As for what to expect from the update, you shouldn’t expect much. These updates are being issued after LG shut down its smartphone division, so the company is heavily deprioritizing its Android skin. This means that you should not expect any visual changes or Materials You design inspiration. Also, there is no support for Dynamic Color.

We expect the Velvet to receive the primary infrastructural changes present in Android 13. We all miss LG phones, but the company has made up its mind. However, it doesn’t mean that the company has forgotten about smartphones altogether.

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