Android 14 revamps multitasking for tablets

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Ever since Android 12L, Google has been gradually making Android better for tablets. So far, Android for tablets is in a much better spot than it was just a few years ago, but the company is still making changes. According to a new report, multitasking is about to get a lot easier on Android 14 tablets.

Currently, multitasking on Android tablets is a little bit tedious. You use the classic ALT + TAB combination of keys to switch between the apps on the fly. However, unlike with PCs, pressing ALT + TAB simply opens the recent apps screen briefly and returns you to the same app you were just using. You don’t get the desired effect of going to the previous app you were just using.

If you want to do that, you have to keep your finger pressed on the ALT button while you tap the TAB button twice. Sure, you can get used to it, but it’s still tedious nonetheless.

Multitasking will be better on Android 14 tablets

A few users have discovered this change within Android 14. Developer Huy Minh was one of the first ones to make this discovery while testing their Android 14 QPR2-based custom ROM on the Raspberry Pi 5.

When pressing ALT + TAB, rather than getting the recent apps screen, you will see a bar stretch across the top of the screen. This bar will house your six most recently used apps. Just as nature intended, when you press ALT + TAB, you will instantly be tossed back to your most recently used app.

You can cycle through your previously used apps by continuing to press TAB while holding ALT. You will see a gray outline indicating the app you’ll go to once you let go of the ALT button. While it only shows your most recent six apps, if you scroll to the very end, you’ll see an option to show the remaining apps you have opened. When you do that, this will take you to your recent apps screen.

As always, we can expect to see this feature hit the Pixel Tablet (Review) before it makes its way to other devices.

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