Android users can now enjoy photo stacking in Google Photos

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So, you have 13 pictures of your cat in that new little sweater you bought it, and you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of any of them. That’s all fine and dandy, but you don’t need 13 similar images cluttering up your photo feed. Thankfully, Google Photos is bringing stacked photos to Android.

You know the drill, features typically launch on iOS before they launch on Android. That’s the case with this feature, as stacked photos in Google Photos landed on iOS back in November. Now, Android users don’t need to worry about similar-looking photos cluttering their feed (cat-related or not).

Stacked photos are making it the Google Photos for Android users

If you took a bunch of pictures in a short time frame that all look pretty similar, you have the option of compressing all of those photos into one tile on your photo feed. Google Photos will organize these photos automatically. The app will go by the time frame these photos were taken, and the kind of content in them.

When you see a stacked tile in Google Photos, the tile will have a little icon in the top right corner with a number. The number, of course, refers to how many photos are in the stack. When you tap on the stack, you will see a horizontally scrolling carousel open up, showing all the photos. Also, in this view, you can do some actions to customize the stack. For starters, you can choose a different thumbnail photo, and manage which photos to keep and which ones to ditch.

Google photoes stacked photos

If you don’t want to view the photos as a carousel, you can press the  2×2 button that will show the photos in a 2×2 grid. This lets you see more of the photos at a time. If you want to share a stack of photos, you can choose to send only selected photos or the entire stack. Also, if you want to unstack photos and display them individually on your feed, you could also do that.

This feature is currently rolling out, so there’s a chance that Google hasn’t sent it to your device yet. Just make sure that the app is updated.

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