Android’s Find My Device may get AR directions and UWB support

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It seems that Google is working on further improving the Find My Device network by integrating support for AR directions. They would also make it compatible with UWB for even more precision. The company seeks to make its tracking system as complete and functional as possible.

AR directions and UWB support for Android’s Find My Device are under development

The potential new features were found by Android Authority after an in-depth analysis of the latest Find My Device app update (3.1.078-1). According to the report, its source code now includes strings that reference UWB support and AR directions. Starting with AR directions, it would be a more advanced and graphic way to find your device or tracker.

The feature is not yet functional, but its name suggests how it would work. It would offer navigation instructions through a multi-layered UI that would require you to use the device’s camera. Arrows, text, and voice prompts will likely appear on the screen, depending on whether you’re on the right path. Google Maps has a similar feature called “Live View,” so Google already has experience in the field.

Regarding UWB support, it would help make tracking much more accurate. The strings related to this function mention a “precision finding” option. Additionally, among the libraries found, a “startRanging call” function stands out. Trackers and devices must be compatible with UWB to take advantage of the additional precision.

Both methods can work separately

The report indicates that both tracking methods would work separately. There is no string suggesting that AR directions are only available for UWB-supported devices. So, you will be able to use this method of navigation with any Find My Device network-compatible product.

Companies like Samsung have their own AR direction system for tracking devices. Its Galaxy SmartTag 2 is compatible with this option, but it only works with the Galaxy ecosystem. Meanwhile, Google wants to offer AR tracking directions for Android devices of all brands.

Google has been working lately on making the Find My Device option more complete and functional. A recent leak revealed that the company would implement biometric identification support for logging in. Google would also add an option to remotely lock your device requiring only your phone number and solve a quick security challenge.

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