App names truncating in the Pixel Launcher might become optional

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Google is reportedly working on a new feature for the Pixel Launcher that will prevent app names from being truncated in the search results and app drawer. The Pixel Launcher is not only the default on Google Pixel phones but also serves as a search engine. You can search anything right from the search bar of the Pixel Launcher that you intend to search on Google.

One might argue that the Pixel Launcher isn’t the one with that capability. But, the fact is that Google consistently tries to add new features with every Android update. The Pixel Launcher’s ability to stop truncating (shortening) the app names in the upcoming Android 15 update is just another example.

Truncating app labels in search results and the app drawer seems unnecessary

For those uninitiated, the Pixel Launcher currently truncates app names to accommodate four icons in the app drawer. For example, long app names like “Amazon Shopping” change to Amazon Sho…”, and so on. You get the gist of it, right?

No doubt, truncating is useful to maintain consistent spacing on the home screen. However, it seems unnecessary to truncate app names in the search results and app drawer. Why? Well, when a user is searching for something specific in the app drawer, they intend to launch the app. So, it doesn’t make much sense.

A toggle to enable/disable app names truncating in the Pixel Launcher is in the works

According to a recent report by Mishaal Rahman, Google is reportedly well aware of the issue and working on a new feature for the Pixel Launcher. The company is working on an optional toggle in the settings of the Pixel Launcher.

While exploring the changes in the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2, Rahman stumbled upon the “show long app names” toggle option. The new toggle is accessible on the “app list settings” page in the launcher’s settings.

The change isn’t new, though. In early 2022, a hidden flag for this feature was spotted.  But, Google disabled it in the Android 14 Beta and Stable releases that rolled out last December and March this year, respectively.

Enabling the toggle in the said Android 15 Beta shows two-line app names in the search results and app drawer in the Pixel Launcher. As expected to maintain consistent spacing, the change won’t reflect on the home screen.

Although this is a small change, it might get a great reception from Pixel Launcher users. Pixel users, there’s some other good news for you too. Google is also adding new animations and other features to Pixel Launcher with Android 15 update.

Pixel Launcher app names truncating optional toggle
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