Apple acquired 32 AI startups in 2023, topped charts

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As companies race to implement AI into their products, a Statista report reveals Apple has acquired the highest number of AI startups in 2023. This might come as a surprise, given that Apple has barely done anything with AI recently. However, according to the report, it seems to stack with Apple’s track record. Apple is most likely looking to perfect its own AI tools before it releases them “the Apple way”.

Apple acquired the highest number of AI startups

2023 was a busy year for Apple as it made purchases that future-proofed its AI rollout. Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon have actively come out with AI tools and are implementing AI into their workspaces. Despite this, none of them came close to matching the number of startups Apple purchased. This might be because these companies are confident enough in what they have. But it can also mean Apple is trying its best to truly knock it out of the park when it finally implements AI into its products and services.

Google acquired 21 AI startups, Meta acquired 18, Microsoft acquired 17, and Amazon acquired only 10. Microsoft has been hard at work designing its AI-powered Copilot to revolutionize the Windows operating system. Meanwhile, Google continues to improve Gemini and also introduced some really cool AI features in its Pixel phones. Apple has yet to come out with anything AI-powered that improves its products, though the company has recently released an image generation tool.

What can we expect Apple to do with these startups?

Apple is known to truly polish a feature before releasing it to the public. It’s perhaps why there still aren’t any OLED or touchscreen MacBooks, though that might be about to change soon. If Apple puts its AI startup acquisitions to good use, we could see some fascinating AI features coming to Apple devices very soon. This will most likely include AI-powered photo editing, much like the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Google Pixel phones. It could also mean an AI-powered Siri or even a completely brand-new assistant.

But if Apple is taking this long to jump on the AI bandwagon, we can expect some other great features as well. As Stocklytics quotes from the Statista report, “In the ongoing AI arms race, Apple is making sizeable deals with many AI startups, putting it in a good spot for future tech developments […].”

Current AI models are also improving at a rapid pace. This positions Apple to come out with the most polished first iteration of AI tools from any company, period. We might hear about something in the works at the next Apple Event, and maybe even get to see it in action.

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