Apple could bring AI tools to Notes and Voice Memos

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The tech world is hungry for Apple’s unique flavor of AI. We’ve been following rumors about the company looking to implement AI technology into iOS, but the company has been pretty mum about it. According to a new report, Apple will bring AI tools to its Notes and Voice Memos apps.

AI is just another area where Apple has been behind the times. However, it didn’t really phase the company all that much, because it’s primarily a hardware company. Most of its money comes from iPhone sales, so there wasn’t much pressure to invest in AI. But, Apple couldn’t lurk in the shadows for long, as several Android OEMs are starting to implement powerful generative AI technology into their phones.

This greatly enhances their usability, and it made the tech world look to Apple and ask “Where is AI for iOS?” Well, the company is hard at work on some AI tools and is preparing for a grand launch. This includes talking with OpenAI and Google about implementing their AI technology and buying AI startups.

Apple could bring AI tools to Notes and Voice Memos

It seems like Apple will launch these features, as live transcription and text summary are two of the most ubiquitous AI tools out there. Be that as it may, we are still dealing with leaked information, so you’ll want to take it cautiously.

According to the rumor, Apple is working on bringing a text transcription tool to Voice Memos and Notes. It appears that the feature will work in real-time, so Apple will listen in on what you’re saying and jot it down as you speak. This is a great tool to have because you’ll be able to look through the transcript of the recording to pinpoint specific details rather than having to listen to the entire recording over again.

Currently, there is no voice memo feature in the Notes app. However, a report states that Apple will add this functionality in iOS 18.

Text summary

Another neat feature potentially coming to iOS is a text summary feature. Text summary is one of the pillars of generative AI, as the majority of AI tools allow you to do this. Basically, the applications will be able to take large sections of text and give you a quick rundown of the information. This can save time when reviewing long bits of text.

These features, along with other features including enhanced AI capabilities for Siri are just the tip of the iceberg for Apple’s AI. Since the company is still just getting into the AI industry, it may not be as advanced as what we’re seeing from companies like Google or OpenAI.

However, Apple’s AI doesn’t really need to be the best. If the company can release a few common sense AI tools that enhance the iPhone experience and sell more iPhones because of it, then the company will accomplish its mission.

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