Apple has a wacky new Ceramic Shield ad for the iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 Ceramic Shield ad

Apple has shared a rather wacky new ad for the iPhone 15’s Ceramic Shield display protection. This is a rather short ad, as it has a duration of around half a minute, and it’s embedded below the article.

Apple released a rather wacky ad for its Ceramic Shield display protection

In the video, you’ll see a woman riding her bike down the street in panic, as a bird is attacking her. Her iPhone 15 is mounted on the steering wheel, and Apple Maps are running at the moment.

At one point the birt hits her on her helmet, and the girl falls off the bike. At that point, the iPhone 15 goes flying across the floor, while a slow-mo shot shows dirt hitting the display.

Needless to say, at the end of the ad, the iPhone and its display are okay, and Apple’s caption comes into play. Apple claims that Ceramic Shield is “tougher than any smartphone glass” while adding: “relax, it’s iPhone”. Following that, the woman starts running, as the bird keeps chasing her.

This ad is odd and funny at the same time

This is a rather odd ad, needless to say. It’s odd and funny at the same time, kind of. The utter terror on the face of the woman riding the bike, the relief when she sees that the phone is okay, and more.

The sheer fact that Apple decided to focus this ad on a bird attack is odd on its own, but the rest of it is only cherry on top. The company probably wanted to attract some attention here, and it certainly managed to do that.

Google’s ‘BestPhonesForever’ ads have been immensely popular. They’re comic relief ads that allow Google to market specific Pixel features that iPhones do not have.

Apple doesn’t have a habit of making similar ads, but nothing is preventing the company from making funny ads that highlight some of the features of their products. Those are probably the best kinds of ads, as they’re attracting attention and making people laugh at the same time (in a good way).

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