Apple revisits old Face ID feature in a fresh iPhone 15 commercial

Apple Face ID commercial

Apple recently launched a new TV commercial featuring the iPhone’s Face ID function. The company debuted face unlock with the iPhone X back in 2017, and it’s about 7 years old at this point. The clip, which is thirty seconds long and aptly named “iPhone 15 Face ID-Nice Try!”, revisits the feature in a light-hearted manner. Apple Singapore posted the clip on YouTube, demonstrating how Face ID secures the privacy of its customers.

Apple’s new ad for iPhone 15 showcases Face ID – a feature that debuted in 2017

In this advert, there’s a family reunion setting where an iMessage notification appears on an iPhone 15. While the phone’s owner is away from it, members of their family try to unlock the phone using Face ID but they are unsuccessful. Despite their struggle, face identification declines entry for unauthorized users thus securing the privacy of the owner’s messages.

In every failed attempt at unlocking the device, this ad emphasizes how dependable Face ID can be in blocking unauthorized people from accessing private data. At the clip’s end, the owner picks the phone up and unlocks it through Face ID seamlessly upon her return. This advertisement echoes that fact – indeed Face ID helps keep secrets safe – reassuring consumers about their iPhone device’s privacy over personal data.

Face ID has become an integral part of the overall experience with iPhones since its inception as it provides instant authentication for unlocking devices and accessing sensitive information through secure channels. This efficiency has become so habitual that users hardly even ponder about the feature’s inner workings.

Face ID will improve further as we close the gap between now and iPhone 17

Future versions of the iPhone including iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max are expected to feature under-display face cameras and sensors based on reports suggesting further advancements in facial identification technology like this one. What Apple is doing now emphasizes a progressive trend toward improving security and privacy on all Apple iPhones, iPads, and more.

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