Apple was the largest smartphone manufacturer in 2023: Omdia

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Following a report by Canalys, Omdia confirms that Apple was the largest smartphone manufacturer in 2023. Much like Canalys, Omdia also released its findings for Q4 2023, and for the entire year as a whole.

Omdia lists the top 10 smartphone manufacturers, while Canalys shared the top 5 list. Having said that, let’s talk about the Q4 2023 first, and then we’ll move over to the 2023 as a whole.

Apple was the number one smartphone manufacturer in Q4 2023 & 2023 as a whole

Apple managed to take the first spot in Q4 2023 with 78.7 million shipments. That’s a 6.5% YoY growth for the company. Samsung was second-placed with 53.2 million shipments and a decline of 9%.

The third-placed company was Xiaomi with 41.2 million shipments and a growth of 24.1% YoY. Transsion took fourth place with 30.1 million shipped devices, which marks a growth of 74%. OPPO (Group) is fifth-placed, and that does include OnePlus, by the way. 24.4 million devices got shipped, which marks a 2.8% growth.

Vivo, HONOR, Motorola, Huawei, and Realme fill out the rest of the spots on this list. You can check out the entire list below in case you’d like to check out the details.

Omdia largest smartphone OEMs Q4 2023

Transsion marked a huge growth in 2023, unlike most other companies

In regards to 2023 as a whole, things are a bit different. The first three spots are unchanged, however. Apple is first with 232.6 million devices shipped, and a growth of 0.5% YoY. Canalys marked a decline of 1% here, so that’s interesting.

Samsung is second-placed with 225.3 million shipped devices, which is a decline of 12.9% for the company. Xiaomi took the third place with 146.7 million devices shipped. That marks a decline of 3.6% YoY.

OPPO is fifth-placed with 102.5 million devices shipped, which marks a 5% decline. Transsion sits on fifth place with 94.7 million units shipped. That represents a 39.1% growth for the company.

Vivo, HONOR, Motorola. Realme and Huawei took the other spots on the list, respectively. The entire list with all the details can be found below.

Omdia largest smartphone OEMs 2023

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