Apple’s AirTag 4-pack drops to a new record low ahead of Black Friday

AirTags make great stocking stuffers for your loved ones who are constantly forgetting where they put their most important things. If you want to pick up a few, Amazon has the four-pack of AirTags for only $80 right now, which is the lowest price we’ve seen on that set. That also brings the price of each individual tracker down to $20, which is much cheaper than buying a single AirTag at its current $28 rate.

Apple joined the Bluetooth tracker space in 2021 with AirTags, which can help you keep track of your keys, wallet and other belongings. They pair quickly and seamlessly with iPhones (in a process very similar to that of AirPods), and you can digitally label them with the name of the thing they’re monitoring.

After that quick setup process, you can see the last known location of your things from within the Find My app, and you’ll even get alerts when, say, you’ve left your keys behind when you (and your iPhone) have moved to another location. From your phone, you can force AirTags to emit a chime to help you find your lost items more easily, and those with the latest iPhones can get on-screen directions to their missing things (as long as they aren’t too far away).

Our biggest gripe with AirTags is a very Apple-y one: the trackers don’t have a keyring hole, so you have to put them in a case, sleeve or another holder if you want to attach them to anything. Thankfully, most of our favorite AirTag cases are even cheaper than the tracker itself, so it may be a good idea to pick up a case for your loved one to whom your also gifting the AirTag.

Also, it goes without saying that AirTags are only viable for people with iPhones, or those otherwise steeped in the Apple ecosystem. Thankfully, there are a number of other options out there for non-Apple users, including those from Tile, Chipolo and Samsung.

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