Apple’s iOS 18 AI features might be limited to newer iPhones

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Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 promises several new features, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) integrated directly into iPhones. However, rumors suggest that these iOS 18 AI features might be exclusive to recent iPhone models.

iOS 18 advanced AI features may be limited to certain iPhones

Apple optimizes software for its hardware, and iOS 18 might follow suit. Reports indicate that Apple could restrict the most advanced iOS 18 AI features to iPhones with the latest A-series chips, likely the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models, along with the upcoming iPhone 16 series. These phones boast significantly upgraded neural engines, the key to unlocking iOS 18’s full AI potential. It wouldn’t be the first time Apple has limited functionalities based on processing power – some features introduced in iOS 15 require A12 Bionic chips or later.

While some AI features might be off-limits for older iPhones, Apple might also offer cloud-based AI features requiring less processing power. This means these features could be available on a wider range of iPhones, including older models. It’s unclear which features will be cloud-based and which will run on-device, but users with older iPhones might still experience some of iOS 18‘s AI capabilities.

Should you upgrade for AI?

Reports hint at features like a more natural-sounding Siri and the ability to seamlessly transcribe voice memos. However, while convenient, these features might not be enough to necessitate an immediate upgrade. Siri’s functionality has demonstrably improved over time, and third-party apps already offer voice memo transcription.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade depends on your individual needs. If your current iPhone fulfills your requirements, there’s no pressing need to get a new one. Apple typically offers good long-term software support, so you’ll likely get most core iOS 18 features on your older device. Additionally, we’ll soon have a clearer picture of the limitations and actual AI features of iOS 18.

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