AT&T just unveiled its updated price plans

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AT&T is one of the major US carriers, and its prices are pretty much up there with the likes of Verizon and T-Mobile. It offers comparable services for his plans at comparable prices. Well, according to a new report, AT&T just unveiled its updated plans. These plans will cost you more each month, but not much more

AT&T New Prices

Updated AT&T plans

Here’s a quick rundown of these plans and the perks that they provide. If you want to know some of the best devices you can buy on this carrier, you can check out our list of the best phones you can get on AT&T.

Unlimited starter plan

Starting off with the cheapest plan, we have the Unlimited Starter. This plan jumped $0.99 up to $65.99/month. With this plan, you get unlimited talk and text with unlimited deprioritized data. This means that your data speeds will be slowed during periods of high network use. So, be prepared to encounter slower speeds during the middle of the day when people just have to get their TikToks in.

This plan also comes with 5GB of hotspot data every month, and that’s up from 3GB a month previously. When it comes to streaming, your video speeds will be limited to standard definition. This means that you’ll be able to watch videos at up to 480p resolution.

Unlimited extra

The next plan up also saw a $0.99 jump in price, bringing it to $75.99 a month. Along with unlimited talk and text, you also have unlimited data. However, you get 75GB of prioritized data, which is 25GB more than what was previously available. AT&T will not slow your speeds during times of high traffic with your prioritized data. However, once that 75GB is used up, your data will be deprioritized until the next month.

This plan comes with 30GB of hotspot data, which is double the amount you were able to get previously. Unfortunately, you are still confined to standard-definition video streaming.

Unlimited premium

The most expensive and feature-packed plan, the Premium plan got a $0.99 jump up to $85.99/month. As per usual, you get unlimited talk and text, but you also get unlimited prioritized data. That remains unchanged.

The main thing that changed is the amount of Hotspot data you have access to. You have 60GB of hotspot data per month which is 10GB more than what was previously available. Also, you have up to 4K video streaming.

These plans are live now, so you and get your plan today. You can get a plan for a plethora of different devices. One device is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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