Battlefield 2042: Everything You Need To Know – Updated February, 2024

Battlefield 2042

EA’s latest title in the Battlefield franchise is Battlefield 2042, and while much of the game is the same Battlefield fans know and love, there are also some new things entering the mix.

New features, of course, but also a new setting, new modes, and an entirely new experience. Battlefield 2042 takes everything fans have loved about the series of games and cranks the action up to 11.

What is Battlefield 2042?

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A question that won’t really need to be answered for fans, but if you’re new to the Battlefield franchise or just haven’t played in a while, this should help clear things up.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest first-person shooter in the series from EA and DICE. It features frantic multiplayer gameplay and action-packed combat. There are also new modes and existing ones are returning to ensure that players of past games will have access to their favorite activities.

As a first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042 will feature a range of different weapons for players to use, but it also includes loads of vehicle-based combat, which has been a staple throughout the Battlefield series.

Is there a single-player campaign?

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The short answer is no. The long answer is also no. According to EA and DICE, instead of splitting the development team into different segments and having some of them focus on the campaign, the decision was made to scrap the campaign entirely. This way the team could focus on what it does best, which is to make a really good multiplayer experience.

The developers know that they do a better job with multiplayer than with the single-player experience, and they’re not ashamed of that. By putting all of the effort into a multiplayer experience with various modes, the team feels they’ve delivered a more polished game. While it had a rough start in the beginning, A few seasons in have breathed new life into it and changed the game for the better.

It’s now in season 6 and has the potential to keep going if EA and Dice don’t announce new a Battlefield game for this year.

What are the gameplay modes in Battlefield 2042?

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Altogether, four game modes are available in this game.


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The first of the four modes is Conquest. A mode that fans of previous Battlefield games should be familiar with since this isn’t the first game it’s been in. In Conquest, players will drop into a large-scale sandbox mode with up to 64 players on Xbox One and PS4, and up to 128 players on Xbox Series X / S, PS5, and PC.

While this mode will contain plenty of elements, the main goal in Conquest is to ensure that your team will have the most spawn tickets left at the end of the match. And with up to 128 players this time that’s going to be easier said than done.

Players should also be aware that individual control points have been replaced. Instead, Conquest now has several flags at numerous sectors throughout the map.


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The next mode in the game is Breakthrough. In Breakthrough, there will be two teams that are broken up into several large-scale sectors throughout the map. One team will defend while the other team will attack.

EA says that it has altered the way Breakthrough plays. Now there will be multiple opportunities for attackers to capture points. Opening up possibilities for more strategic takeovers to secure victory in the match.

Hazard Zone

Battlefield Hazard Zone

Hazard Zone is an all-new mode for the Battlefield franchise with the release of Battlefield 2042 back in 2021. The main goal is for you and your team to recover data drives from around the map and then extract with those drives. You are inserted into the battlefield as a squad of four players, but you each only get one life. You also have to try and secure the drives before other enemy teams. All the other teams are, of course, going for the same objective. There are also occupying forces to contend with.

Now here’s the real kicker. Even if you manage to secure all the data drives and stay alive, you still have to try and extract before the massive storm hits. In this high-stakes mode, it’s highly recommended that you strategize before deploying and select a balanced team of classes with a balanced loadout. Doing this could mean the difference between a win and a loss.


Battlefield 2042 Portal 1
Battlefield 2042 Portal 2

Battlefield 2042 Portal 1
Battlefield 2042 Portal 2

The last of the four modes is a new mode called Portal. It’s a mode that allows players to mix content from various Battlefield games, including Battlefield Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042 to create entirely new game modes that are community-driven.

It features things like an advanced logic editor that players can tinker with, as well as maps from all of those games. Players can also intermix teams from all four games. So as an example, you could in theory set up a mode where one team is from Bad Company 2 and the other is from Battlefield 2042.

You can also set things up to where each team starts with random loadouts. And when players die, they respawn with another random weapon they didn’t have before. Another wild combination sees an entire team of robots playing against a single person controlling a tank. Since this mode is community-driven, there’s a lot of potential for variety in playlist types. But that’s the appeal of something like Portal. This is the mode you play if you like to create your own fun matches.

Are there vehicles like in other Battlefield titles?

There are vehicles in this game. And you can even check out some of the possible scenarios you may encounter in the gameplay trailer. Which you can view above.

From tanks to helicopters, you can take to the land or take to the skies. The game will even feature hovercrafts to help you skip across small bodies of water and perhaps take your enemies by surprise.

Basically, be prepared for anything. As one moment you may be feeling pretty accomplished with the match swinging in your favor. And the next you could be getting mowed down by jets passing overhead.

Battlefield 2042 takes a new approach to vehicles by adding what EA is calling the Vehicle call-in system, which lets you air-drop vehicles into the map. What’s more, is that you can airdrop them wherever you are instead of having to spawn into them.

Vehicles include tanks, hovercrafts, jets, troop carriers, armored cars, and helicopters.

Does Battlefield 2042 have a story?

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While there’s no campaign mode, it does have a story.

Battlefield 2042 tells the story of a new group of individuals who are fighting a war for the US and Russia. The game essentially is about these people. It’s their story. Referred to as No-Pats and the Displaced, these individuals more or less have no patriotic allegiances.

They’re a mix of soldiers, engineers, farmers, and regular everyday people. Just looking for a place to fit in and most of all a way to survive like everyone else. They come to be after a streak of catastrophic events. Starting with things like rising sea levels and collapsing economies in 2031. Things get worse after the world’s first category 6 storm, Hurricane Zeta, in 2033.

This storm leads to global flooding, food and fuel shortages, and a second great depression in 2034. Then in 2035, the European Union disbands after Germany’s collapse.

In 2037 things begin to settle into a “new normal.” But there are also 1.2 billion people who can’t be repatriated. The US and Russia are now the last two superpowers. Tensions rise and both are headed towards a large-scale war.

These tensions only intensify with a global blackout that causes a mass collapse of communication grids. Supply chains seize up, the internet and navigation are all but destroyed, and the world has no way to forecast storms.

The US and Russia are now fighting more than ever for control, and are using No-Pats to fight a shadow war for them so they have the ability to deny having any involvement. You are the No-Pats. And you simply want to survive.

An evolving narrative

In addition to the story so far in Battlefield 2042, the game also has an evolving narrative. This narrative has unfolded over the years since the game was released back in 2021.

As part of EA and Dice’s vision, the game has seasons that last for around three months each. And each season sees new bits and pieces of the story unfold over time. This evolving narrative should continue to help keep players interested for as long as Battlefield 2042 is the current game and in active development since it’s a live-service title. Even if players aren’t logging in to play the game every single day.

It’s also a nice way to feed players who enjoy the story aspect of games, especially since there’s no solo campaign mode. Where a game’s story is usually found. EA has also released a short film called Exodus that tells the story of what triggers Battlefield 2042’s all-out war. You can watch this below.

Meet the classes in Battlefield 2042

The game will feature a collection of different classes that come with unique abilities. Each class also has its own story which contributes to the overarching narrative of the game. So playing as all the classes will help build the story out even more. The game used to have specialists, which were essentially the “classes” that were available at launch. But EA has since switched things up to classes like what players were used to.

Here’s a breakdown below with a little more detail on each class. Each class will have both a unique trait and a unique specialty. The unique traits and specialties of each class are what determine which class type they fit into. Players also now have more freedom with loadouts. As class types are no longer restrictive on what weapons you can equip in each slot. If you’re an assault-type specialist but you prefer a sniper, then use a sniper. That being said, each class type does have benefits if they use weapons that fit more with their class type. For example, Assault class specialists will get more ammo when they use an assault rifle as their primary weapon.

You’ll be able to choose which primary, secondary, and throwable you want to equip and stick with it. Don’t like it anymore? That’s fine. Choose something else. There are no limits anymore. You can read a little bit more about each of the four classes below.



Assault class specialists excel on the battlefield when rushing headfirst into the fray. If you like to be in the thick of it, then choose an assault class and run in to take charge of the front lines. Assault classes also have the ability to use demolition equipment to bring down enemy defenses and vehicles. Assault players also get a Med Pen gadget to restore health. Additionally, they have open gadgets that include a smoke launcher, IBA Armor plates, a claymore, and C5 explosives. For throwables, they can choose between frag grenades, smoke grenades, concussion grenades, throwing knives, and incendiary grenades.



When it comes to the engineer, you’re sort of like a secondary support class but not in the way you might think. Your class gadget is a repair tool that can field repair most vehicles and it has the ability to cause damage to enemy vehicles. They have a weapon proficiency with LMGs which makes them great backup help for the Assault class. When engineers use LMGs in a crouched or prone state, they get improved firing accuracy. So if your aim isn’t the best and needs some work, an LMG might be a good option for a weapon to choose if you’re deciding on the engineer.

As for open gadgets, engineers get an AT mine, a recoilless M5 rocket launcher, an FXM-33 AA missile launcher, an FGM-148 Javelin launcher, an EOD bot, and the C5 explosives. Throwables include frag grenades, smoke grenades, EMP grenades, and incendiary grenades.



The support class is important as you might come into contact with particularly difficult teams that may best you out in the field. If that happens, a support class player can be there to help by reviving downed players and resupplying ammo when you’ve run out. They can also hand out suppressive equipment. Their weapon proficiency is with SMGs, so they’re good for run and gun-style players. When they use an SMG they have a faster draw time with them than other weapons. Their class gadget is a defibrillator, which is what you will use to revive a downed teammate.

As for open gadgets, they get an ammo crate, a health crate, a smoke launcher, and an M18 Claymore mine. For throwables, they get the same stuff as engineers.



Recon class players are the hidden ghosts that sit back and take stock of the battlefield. They’ll be those players hiding up on high vantage points scouting for enemy vehicles, or trying to snipe other players from afar. They can also interfere with enemy systems and share information about enemy positions. If you like to snipe, then you want to pick the recon class since their weapon proficiency is with snipers. The recon class benefits the sniper because their sniper scopes are instantly and constantly steady. Their class gadget is the Insertion Beacon. What this does is allow teammates to deploy on this beacon.

So you want to find a good place to hide it and give your team an advantage. Somewhere behind enemy lines is a recommended good place to start looking. In terms of open gadgets, the Recon class gets the T-UGS, a proximity sensor, C5 explosives, a SOFLAM, a tracer dart, and an M18 claymore mine.

Each class has at least a few specialists

As mentioned above, each class will have a few specialists that are tied to that class. Although you may have already decided on what class you want to play, you will want to look over the specialists too. Each one has its own unique ability that might sound fun or come in handy for your particular play style. For example, Casper is a recon class specialist. So he’ll have all the same class gadgets and throwables and such as the other recon specialists. But he also has two unique skills/equipment. He has the OVP-Recon drone which spots nearby targets and can disorient enemies with EMP blasts.

Ji-Soo Paik is another recon specialist. Her unique ability is the EMG-X scanner which makes enemies visible, even through walls. She also has the eagle-eyed trait. This makes enemies she damages become “spotted” for her and the rest of the team. You might find her abilities more useful than Casper’s. So even if you’ve decided on a recon class, you might want to think more about the particular specialist in that class that you want to pick. The same goes for the other three classes as well.

Between the four classes, there are 14 specialists in all. Both recon and assault have four specialists each, while the engineer and support classes have three specialists each.

The Maps – Where you’ll be fighting for survival

When it comes to maps there are now plenty to choose from. Since Battlefield 2042 is now in its sixth season, you have all the launch maps that were available plus any new ones that were added over the last couple of years. This includes Redacted (from the current season 6 lineup), Reclaimed, Flashpoint, Spearhead, Stranded, Exposure, Hourglass, Discarded, Manifest, Kaleidoscope, Orbital, Breakaway, and Renewal. There are also the classic maps which include Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Arica Harbor, Valparaiso, Caspian Border, Noshahr Canals. Players can also expect more maps to drop throughout any future seasons that may come up.

Choose your loadout – Your tools of destruction

Battlefield 2042 will have a huge arsenal of weapons, tools, and gadgets for players to fill their loadouts.  Players can select from a range of different weapon types. Including SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, DMRs, shotguns, pistols, and explosive ordinance. As for attachments, you can use things like scopes, sights, muzzles, barrels, ammo types, magazines, and under barrel attachments to augment your weapons to better fit your play style.

Players will also be able to equip gadgets, including C5 explosives, anti-tank mines, frag grenades, and more. These are just some of the gadgets that can be equipped by any player. Regardless of the specialist and class type they fall under.

EA also added a new gadget called the Ranger. Which is a mechanized four-legged robot that will follow you around and dispatch your enemies with fervor. You’re going to want to acquire this thing whenever you can.

When did Battlefield 2042 release?

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19, 2021. The game is now in its sixth season which landed back in October 2023.

What platforms is the game available for?

EA has released the game for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. Contrary to some popular rumors that were floating around due to a vague statement in a press release from Xbox before the game’s official launch, this is not exclusive to the Xbox Series X / S.

What’s available in the current season?

Right now Battlefield 2042 is in season 6, titled ‘Dark Creations.’ This comes with a new map, Redacted, as well as new weapons, and other new gear. A new battle pass is also available with 100 tiers to get through with tons of unlockables. As with other games there will be a free track and a premium track for the battle pass. The free track will have 30 free tiers available, while the premium track will have those plus 70 premium tiers. Additionally, they get 5 tier-0 instant unlocks, as well as 1,300 BFC (the in-game currency) that’s earnable. There are also two additional premium tracks. Called the fast track and the ultimate pack. These come with even more stuff like tier skips and an exclusive specialist skin.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Battle Pass

Does it support cross-play?

Cross-platform play is supported but there are some limitations to it. If you’re playing on PC, you can play cross-platform with players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. However, players on PS4 or Xbox One can only play with other players on PS4 or Xbox One. So the answer is yes, but it’s not that straightforward.

Battlefield 2042

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