Beeper’s redesigned messaging app for Android is here

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You might have heard of the Beeper Mini app, which had added support for iMessage in Android. However, the time wasn’t in its favor and Apple officially banned it later. They have launched a new messaging app for Android with a complete redesign and many new features. The new Beeper messaging app will be entirely different from the previous app they had, it’s redesigned.

Beeper opens beta testing for its new, redesigned messaging app

The new Beeper for Android is finally here and all the eligible beta testers have already started getting access to the app. As mentioned earlier, this new application completely differs from their previous messaging app, and hence, users need to freshly download the app. If you use the older application, then you must uninstall it before installing the newer app.

Android users can download the new Beeper app straight from the Google Play Store. Although it shares the same foundation as the Beeper Mini, the entire user interface has been redesigned to make it appear more in line with the Android OS. If you start using the app, you will notice a lot of changes; from its design to speed and the overall functionality.

Local caching of chats has reduced the overall load time. Not only this, the user can now directly link the app from the desktop version of the application using the Android’s QR scanner. The app now has the support for Android’s renowned chat bubbles feature. The Beeper Mini didn’t have the support for RCS services, but it’s unclear whether they will add it in the new app or not.

Beeper has also optimized it for the bigger screen devices as it now has dual panel support for foldable, tablets and ChromeOS devices. The native search is now universal, which means you can directly search across all the connected services. Also, the brand has said that the app will become paid in the future and they are all set to introduce subscription-based plans as well.

There’s no iMessage support this time

Beeper Mini was famous for having native support for iMessage. But with the newer application, Beeper has eliminated the support of iMessage in the app. Even though the app is still in beta and the brand claims that they are going to add more features in the coming weeks, it is kind of confirmed that they are not going to bring the iMessage support this time. That makes some sense, as they don’t want to find themselves in a difficult circumstance once more.

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