Best Of CES 2024: Acer Swift X 14

Acer Swift X 14 Best of CES 2024

The Swift X 14 is an impressive creator laptop that moonlights as a gaming laptop

Usually when you have a creator laptop that’s great for editing it’s not always the best choice for gaming, but Acer is giving you both with the recently announced Swift X 14 laptop. Now, to be clear, this isn’t the first laptop designed for creators and editing that would also be good for gaming. But a lot of the time those laptops can cost quite a lot. And that isn’t really the case with the Swift X 14 that Acer announced this week at CES. It starts at $1,399.99 and can get up to an RTX 4070 GPU inside, so you could end up with a configuration that is powerful enough for both your editing/creator tasks as well as gaming.

Making this a great editing laptop that can moonlight as a gaming PC during off hours. Now the model with an RTX 4070 GPU is going to cost more than the listed $1,399.99 starting price. But chances are it’ll be less than other comparable laptops with the same GPU and specs. The Swift X 14 also comes with a really nice display that’s 2.8K resolution and Calman-Verified for color accuracy. So if you do a lot of work with Photoshop or similar editing tools, you’ll like how things look on the Swift X 14. If you’re already in love with it, Acer says these will go on sale in February. But there’s more to love about it.

A clean, stylish, and minimalistic design that is easy to carry around thanks to its lightweight build

We’re suckers for powerful yet portable laptops, and the Swift X 14 is definitely both of those things. Acer has done a great job at keeping its Swift lineup as minimal as possible while refining bits and pieces of the exterior and interior. The result of this latest model is a laptop that can handle all the tasks you throw at it while being a very portable laptop. It weighs about 1.549 kg or just over 3.4 lbs. which is very lightweight. It’ll be easy to slide into a bag and carry with you wherever you go. So you won’t always be locked to working or studying in one place.

Moving back to the RTX 40-series GPUs, you’ll get DLSS 3 in games that support it. And that’s going to bump up the frame rate while allowing you to tune the graphics fidelity up a little bit. The end goal is to allow for some adjustment to bring graphics up without tanking the frame rate so gaming still feels smooth. And DLSS 3 really works wonders there.

Not only that but the Swift X 14 is now coming with Intel’s new Core Ultra processors that have baked-in AI features. This AI-powered CPU will help with battery efficiency and overall performance efficiency for a smooth user experience all around. All of these things plus the reasonable starting price are reasons why the Acer Swift X 14 earned the Best of CES 2024 award.

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