Best Of CES 2024: Tineco Pure One Station

Tineco Pure One Station Best of CES 2024

Tineco’s Pure One Station will make vacuuming less of a chore

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, vacuuming is not usually a fun task, it’s a chore that you don’t want to do but, it needs to be done so you grit your teeth and you do it. Tineco wants to make the act of vacuuming less of a chore and more of a simple task that you don’t have to hate, and the Pure One Station it announced at CES this week is the tool that you will be able to use to get to this point. The Pure One Station is a powerful push vacuum with baked-in smart technology. It also comes with an OmniHub that is essentially a 4-in-1 machine. The OmniStation is where you’ll hang the vacuum up when you’re done cleaning.

But the OmniStation also charges the vacuum in between uses. Additionally, it can self-clean the vacuum and its bin, brushes, tubes, and filters. This is probably the best part about the vacuum setup. The fact that the OmniStation cleans all of those parts for you on top of emptying the bin is nothing short of amazing. To make this self-cleaning process even better, the OmniStation can detect how full its own bin is. It does this so it can adjust when to actually do the self-cleaning.

Now you might be thinking, “it empties the vacuum bin for me but I still have to empty the OmniStation bin.” That is true. However, the OmniStation bin is large enough to store up to 60 days’ worth of dust and debris. So you will only have to realistically empty it once every couple of months. And that’s not that bad at all. This is about as simple and hands-off as vacuuming can get with a manual push vacuum. And that’s a wonderful thing if you hate this particular cleaning task.

It’s tough on dust and debris, but gentle enough to use on pets

Vacuums are a crucial part of keeping a clean home. So you want them to be powerful enough to ensure they get as much dust and debris off the floors as possible. The Tineco Pure One Station will have no problem with that as it provides powerful suction. That being said, it is also perfectly fine to use on pets for grooming. It even comes with a ‘FurFree’ kit that you can slap on to groom your furry friends and get all that loose hair before it falls off and gets all over the floors and carpets.

And if you’re worried about the hair getting stuck in the brushes, don’t be. The vacuum comes with a ‘ZeroTangle’ brush that traps hair and prevents it from wrapping around the brush. Vacuuming might never be fun, but it can be less of a chore with this vacuum. That plus all smart features and its reasonable price (it’s $799 by the way) are why the Tineco Pure One Station has earned the Best of CES 2024 award.

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