Best of Computex 2024: Intel Xeon 6 Series

Intel Xeon 6 Processor Launch 2

Intel debuts new Xeon 6 series processors, including an impressive 288-core option

While others announced consumer processors at Computex, Intel announced new processors for high-end servers and workstations – the Xeon 6 series. These new processors use Xe2 GPU architecture for Lunar Lake CPUs, and Intel says that these products and technologies are designed for the next generation of artificial intelligence PCs.

This new family of processors from Intel includes Efficient-Core and Performance-Core options. Intel has developed the Xeon 6 series for a wide range of use cases and workloads. The E-Core options are codenamed Sierra Forest, while the P-Core options are code-named Granite Rapids, with the latter launching in the third quarter of 2024.

The Intel Xeon 6 series has earned a Best of Computex 2024 award from Android Headlines for its extremely powerful options, including a 144-core option, which is currently the most core of any processor.

Intel’s Xeon 6700 series has up to 288 E-Cores

Just looking at the specs of some of the Xeon 6 series chipsets, it’s a bit insane. But you have to remember, these are not made for laptops, but servers and workstations that have much heavier loads. One of the models in this series, the Xeon 6700 series, has an option that you can get with 144 E-Cores or Efficiency Cores. That means that these cores aren’t the absolute fastest in the world, but they do support up to 350W per CPU.

But that’s not the most cores that Intel has, there is also the Xeon 6900 series models that come with up to 288 E-Cores or 128 P-Cores and will require AP platforms that support up to 500W per CPU. The 6900 will be available next year, with the 6700 launching later this year.

When comparing how much faster and higher performing these chipsets are compared to the previous gen, Xeon 6 is about 2x higher performance on AI reference, up to 2.3x higher performance on OpenFOAM Workloads, and up to 2x average higher performance for general computing, on the P-Core models.

However, the E-Cores also get some pretty nice bumps, with up to 2.6x higher server-side perf/watt java throughput with SLA and up to 3.4x higher performance per watt for the next-gen firewall.

These are some really impressive processors from Intel, showing that they aren’t falling behind but rather leading the pack. That’s why we have awarded the Intel Xeon 6 series a Best of Computex 2024 award.

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