Best Samsung Galaxy S24+ accessories

Lopuion Wireless Charging Station

The Galaxy S24 phones are Samsung’s most powerful phones yet, and the middle child is the Galaxy S24+. This phone brings a lot of power in a sizable package. If you’ve decided to place your order for this phone, you are going to be getting a great device. However, great phones need great accessories. So here’s a list of the best accessories for the Galaxy S24+.

In this list, we’ll go through some of the best add-ons you can use for this phone to give you additional functionality and usability. We’ll talk about cases, chargers, wall adapters, smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, Etc. These are all devices that can actively boost your Galaxy S24+ experience. Also, this is constantly being updated, so you should always check back for new additions to it.

If you’re curious to know more about this phone, it starts at $999.99, and it uses the best chip of the year. So, you know you’re getting a very powerful experience from this phone. Along with that, Samsung unveiled a ton of useful AI features the power of the whole galaxy experience spirit There’s a lot to love about it, and you can read more about this phone by checking out our coverage of it.

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Best case

Caseology Parallax Case For Galaxy S24 Plus

Caseology Parallax Case

A great addition to any list of accessories is the case. Cases keep your phone protected from drops and add different visual flair to your phone while they’re at it. When it comes to cases, it’s hard to do better than Caseology. This company has the Caseology Parallax cases for the Galaxy S24+. These are a great addition, and they’ll ensure that this phone remains undamaged during the fall.

This case is designed to give your phone as much protection as possible, and that starts with the build materials. The Caseology Parallax cases are made from polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. These are typical materials used for cases, and they provide ample protection while remaining relatively slim. In the case of Caseology, these are all very high-quality materials. The case itself is very tough and thick.

Along with protecting the phone’s chassis, this case can also protect the screen and the camera package. It has a raised lip that will keep the screen from making contact with the surface. This will also give you peace of mind if you ever have to place your phone upside down on a table. On the back, the case extends well past the camera package. This means that, in the event of a fall, the camera will not make contact with the ground.

This case has reinforced bumpers around the edges so that, if the phone happens to fall on the corner, there’s less chance of the screen cracking. Corner falls or some of the worst falls that your phone can go through.

Sure, this phone case can keep the phone protected during the fall, but it’s also important to be able to avoid falls in the first place. This case also adds a substantial grip to the phone. The Galaxy S24+ is a great phone, but it is pretty slippery. This means that it’s pretty easy for this phone to slip off of chairs or slip out of your pocket. The materials of this case make it easier for you to hold onto your phone. So, you can avoid having drops in the first place.

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Best Charging Station

Lopuion Wireless Charging Station

Lopuion Wireless Charging Station

There’s no point in having a powerful phone if it’s dead. You always want to make sure they have ample power for your phone. However, there aren’t always going to be enough electrical outlets. This is where charging stations come in. These devices let you charge more than one device at a time, and they’re specially made for different types of devices. A great option for the Galaxy S24+ is the Lopuion Wireless Charging Station. This is a device that not only charges your Galaxy S24+, but it also charges other essential devices.

This is a charging stand that allows you to charge up to three devices at a time. Firstly, there is a wireless charging stand that stands upright. This is where you place your Galaxy S24+. It will charge your phone while letting it stand upright. Also, you can lay your phone down in landscape mode while charging. Your phone will continue to charge no matter what. So, if you want to watch a movie or TV show while your phone is charging, you can do so.

Along with that, this charging stand allows you to charge your Galaxy smartwatch. So, if you happen to pick up one of these devices, you don’t have to worry about charging these devices separately. You can simply put your Galaxy Watch on the top part of the charger, and it will charge it along with your other devices.

Lastly, under the watch charger, there’s another wireless charger that can charge your Galaxy Buds. So, you can charge your phone and your two most important accessories at the same time. This is always great because it eliminates the need to use three different electrical outlets and three different cords to charge all of your devices. This is all one big hub that allows you to charge all your devices at the same time.

This charging stand supports up to 10W fast charging. It’s not the fastest charging on the market, but it should do a decent job of getting your phone charged up. Also, it will avoid heating up your phone. It’s a universal wireless charging pad, so you’ll be able to charge other phones on it if you need to.

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Best Bluetooth speaker

Bose Soundlink Flex

Bose SoundLink Flex

The Galaxy S24+ comes with a set of powerful speakers that are specifically tuned to give you an immersive experience. However, you just can’t beat a dedicated Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking to play some tunes while your friends are over or just listen to music casually, the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker is definitely the option for you. It’s up there in price coming in at $149, but it’s well worth every dollar.

This is a Bose speaker, so you know that’s going to give you a quality sound. It has a set of powerful drivers inside that give you an extremely dynamic and high-quality sound. Specifically tuned to give you deep bass along with very clear treble. They have a maximum output of 5W, and they are a joy to listen to. No matter what genre of music you’re listening to, it’ll sound incredible. Also, if you decide to watch some movies or TV shows using this speaker, the sound will be high quality and punchy.

It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to music inside or outside, the speaker is made for any situation. This speaker is crafted from high-quality materials, so it can survive taking a tumble. If you happen to drop it on the floor, you won’t have to worry at all about it. It’s designed to survive the elements. It has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating, which is very robust for a speaker. This means that it’s protected from all manners of dust, sand, dirt, Etc. Also, it can be completely submerged underwater. It can stay under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. You just want to be careful about taking it around pool water and seawater.

If you’re planning on having an extended listing session, then the speaker is definitely for you. On a single charge, you should be able to get around 12 hours of listing time. That’s enough to outlast any party or study session. You can conveniently charge this speaker through the included USB-C cable. This is a speaker that’s well worth the price.

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Best TWS earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Sale

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Most smartphone users can’t go a day without having some music blasting into their ears. Because of this, companies put a lot of time and effort into making high-quality TWS earbuds. Well, Samsung is a company that makes some of the best earbuds on the market, and the best option for Samsung Galaxy phones. The company’s most premium TWS earbuds are the Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless earbuds. They’re not exactly cheap at $299.99, but there are some of the best earbuds you can get. So they’re worth a shot.

There are several great reasons to buy these earbuds, and one of them is superior audio quality. These earbuds use drivers specifically tuned to give you an immersive and amazing listening experience. The entire audio experience was designed by the audio company AKG, and it definitely shows. The audio coming from these earbuds is extremely high quality and punchy. Whatever genre you’re listening to you, the music will sound great. The Galaxy Buds really focus on creating a balanced sound that gives attention to the entire range of frequencies.

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro have some of the best ANC on the market. No matter what environment you’re in, these earbuds will cancel out most of the ambient noise in your surroundings. So, whether you’re inside or outside, they will be able to greatly reduce the noise. They’ll be able to cancel out noise from traffic, AC units, wind, chatter, and other sources of noise. They achieve this by using an array of microphones on the earbuds. These microphones are also great for the transparency mode that funnels the noise from outside into your ears. Transparency mode is great when you want to have a conversation with another person without having to take the earbuds out of your ear.

If you are into working out, then these are also a great pair of earbuds for you. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro is IPX7 water-resistant. This means that you will not need to worry in the case of these earbuds getting wet. It’s rated to survive being completely submerged under 3 feet of fresh water for 30 minutes. So, any sweat you accumulate while working out will not damage these earbuds at all.

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Best smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Sale

Galaxy Watch 6

Having a great Smartwatch can only enhance a great smartphone experience. So, if you’re looking for a great smartwatch, why not start with a Samsung smartwatch? The Galaxy Watch 6 is one of the best options for accessories because of the sheer amount of usability and features that you get with this watch. Also, since this is a Samsung-made smartwatch, you know that it’s going to be perfectly compatible with their Galaxy S24+.

This is a premium device with a premium price tag to match. It weighs in at $299.99, but the price is more than justified. For starters, this Smartwatch comes with Google’s own Wear OS 4 operating system. This is currently the latest version of Wear OS on the market, and it brings a ton of powerful software features that make using this smartwatch a breeze. Samsung also added its own visual flare on top of Wear OS 4, so you’ll be very familiar with the interface.

Also, since the smartwatch uses Wear OS 4, you will have access to a gigantic selection of smartwatch apps to choose from. This includes all sorts of apps like Health apps, clock apps, watch faces, games, Etc. The sky is the limit, and there’s no telling what you can do to customize your smartwatch.

If you’re a fitness person, then this is one of the best watches you can get. The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with a ton of health features like a heart monitor, sleep monitor, BIA sensor, and other features. This is a watch that’s meant to give you a great picture of your health to see if you need to make a visit to the doctor’s office. The information is synced with Samsung Health, which is an amazing platform to use.

When it comes to build quality, you know that you’re getting some of the best build quality on the market. Since this is a premium Samsung device, you know that you’re going to be able to use it without fear of it getting damaged. It’s made from tough and high-quality materials. Also, it has a very stunning design that reminds you of a traditional timepiece. This is definitely one of the best Smartwatches you can get on the market.

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Best wall adaptor

Anker 735 65W 3 Port Wall Charger

Anker 735 65W 3-Port Wall Charger

The Galaxy S24+, unfortunately, does not come with an included charger in the Box. So, you’re going to be stuck using your own options. Well, if you want to keep your phone charged along with other devices at the same time, then you will want to look into the Anker 735 65W 3-Port Wall Charger. It’s a wall adapter that’s meant to charge your phone along with other devices at the same time. It’s definitely one of the best options out there.

$59.99 might seem like a steep price for a wall charger, but it does come with plenty of power that more than justifies the price. For starters, the Galaxy S24+ charges at a max of 25W. Well, this wall adaptor will max out the charging speed of this phone. You will get the full 25W. So, if you need to quickly charge your phone, you’ll be able to do so in a rather quick manner.

Since this is a GaN charger, it’s able to deliver so much power while keeping such a small profile. So, if you need to toss it into a bag for traveling or even hold it in your pocket, you can do so. The metal prongs conveniently fold, and that makes it a lot easier to store.

Along with charging your smartphone, you can charge other devices. The Anker 735 65W 3-Port Wall Charger has three USB ports. There is one USB-A port that you can use to charge your phone, tablet, or whatever. Also, there are two USB-C ports. They have a combined output of 65W. So, along with charging your mobile devices, you can also charge several laptops. You’ll be able to use this to charge some of your smaller laptops like Chromebooks or smaller Windows laptops. So, if you’re in a situation where there’s only one electrical outlet, you’ll be able to charge your computer along with your phone.

This is an incredibly useful and convenient wall adapter to use if you need to keep all of your devices charged.

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Best portable charger

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Portable Charger

Energizer – Ultimate Lithium Portable Charger

We all know that one of the most important features of a phone is its battery life. The Galaxy S24+ has incredible battery life, but any device can use a boost via a portable charger. You never know if you’ll need to keep your phone charged while on the go. So, a reliable portable charger is always important. The Energizer Ultimate Lithium Portable Charger is a great choice for people needing to keep their devices charged when away from an outlet.

At $59.99, this may seem a little pricey for a portable charger, but it’s well worth the money. This is an Energizer portable charger, so you know that you’re going to be getting top-of-the-line quality. Energizer is one of the leading battery companies, so you know that this is a very high-quality portable charger. The internals are made from high-grade materials, so you know that you will be able to use this portable charger for years to come. Also, since this is such a quality-made device, you know that it’s also very safe.

This is a very large 20,000 mAh battery. It’s several times larger than the battery in the Galaxy S24+. This means that it could charge it multiple times over. However, just keep in mind that if you’re using your phone while it’s charging, that will reduce the number of times you can charge it using the portable charger. In any case, if your phone is on death’s door, you know that you’ll be able to keep it charged for a very long time using this large battery.

This portable charger comes with two USB ports so you can charge more than one device at a time. It’s a standard USB-A port along with a USB-C port. Along with that, there’s also a wireless charging pad on the top of the battery. The USB-A Port outputs 18W of power, the USB-C Port outputs 20W of power, and the wireless charging pad outputs 15W of power.

So, if you find yourself in a pinch where multiple people have to charge their devices at the same time, this portable charger will come in handy.

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Best phone stand

Lamicall Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

Lamicall Phone Holder

The Galaxy S24+ has an incredible screen, and you’re going to want to use it to watch content on it. Well, if you’re going to do that, you’re going to need a quality phone stand. Along with that, the phone stand will have to be versatile. Well, the Lamicall Phone Holder is just that. This is a phone stand that is extremely adjustable and can hold your phone at any angle you want. Coming in at only $29.99, this is definitely an amazing device to have.

What differentiates this stand from others is the adjustable neck. Has a 33.4-inch long neck that you can adjust, move, bend, and swivel to meet your needs. It’s a very responsive neck that stays in place when you adjust it. So, if you need to push it away from you or pull it towards you, it will stay in place. This is what makes it one of the most versatile phone stands out there.

The Lamicall Phone Holder attaches to your desk or table using a vice at the bottom. The vice opens up to 2.36 inches and can close completely. This means that it opens wide enough to clamp down on most tables, desks, and other surfaces. When you twist it and lock it into place, you don’t have to worry about it falling off. This stand has a very high-quality mechanism that keeps it in place once it’s clamped down.

As for the actual phone holder, it’s compatible with phones between 4 inches and 7 inches. That makes it compatible with most phones on the market, pretty much. It securely locks onto the phone, so you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out and falling to the floor.

This phone stand is made from quality materials, so you can trust it with holding your phone. Your device will most likely hover pretty high over surfaces, so you need a phone stand that can securely hold onto your phone. Also, the holder is wide enough to even hold your Nintendo Switch.

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