Best way to recover deleted files after emptying the Trash Mac, AnyRecover Review


If you’re a Mac user you might be familiar with the Trash bin. It helps you to store the deleted files from the Mac computer, and whenever the need comes recovering the files from the Trash Bin is possible.

What if you’ve emptied the Trash bin? Can you still recover emptied Trash Mac? It is probably the most asked question, and we’ll answer this query; if possible, we’ll introduce brilliant ways to help you know how to recover Trash on Mac.


Part 1: Can you recover deleted files after emptying the Trash?

Several people asked whether they could retrieve the data from the trash bin that had been emptied. The good news is that you can indeed recover lost data from the Trash bin on a Mac computer.

If you have an iCloud or Time Machine backup, you’re in a much better position to retrieve the lost data. The files you needed or deleted forever could have been stored in the iCloud or Time Machine backup.

However, if you don’t have any iCloud or Time Machine backup to retrieve the lost data, you can knock on the door of the most appropriate third-party data recovery software.

Part 2: Method 1: Recover Deleted Files on a Mac with Data Recovery Software

AnyRecover emerges as one of the most prominent third party tools to undo Empty Trash on Mac computer. With this software, you can get back almost all types of data without extra effort.

Apart from enabling you to retrieve 1000+ file types, AnyRecover also comes up with the highest recovery rate

Here’s how to recover Trash on Mac through AnyRecover.

Step 1:

Start the AnyRecover after installing it and select the Data Recovery button. Doing so will initiate the scanning process.


Step 2:

Scanning process will only take a few moments before getting the data scanned.


Step 3:

Preview the data you wish to get back and select the Recover icon to access the emptied Trash folders on the Mac computer.



– Allows you to retrieve the data without backup
– Offers the user friendly interface and is highly efficient
– Explore the 98% recovery rate
– Preview the data before getting it back


– Although, AnyRecover isn’t free to use but every penny you spend on it is worth it

Part 2: How to recover emptied Trash on Mac without software

2.1 Time Machine Backup

Apple users come up with the Time Machine Backup that lets you to recover the lost data from the Mac computer. Although going for this method isn’t as reliable as AnyRecover, you can try it at least once. Here’s the step by step guide to learn how to recover Trash on Mac.

Step 1:

Tap the clock button on the Mac’s menu bar before accessing the Time Machine. Relying upon the Terminal app that helps you to control Time Machine via command line interface is also possible. Next, you must connect the Time Machine Backup to the Mac.

Step 2:

Launch the window containing the deleted files and start the Time Machine on the Mac. Press on the icon on the menu bar before selecting the ”Enter Time Machine” icon.


Step 3:

Choose the files you wish to recover and preview them before recovering them. Click on the ”Restore” icon to retrieve the deleted data.

2.2 Recovering from an Emptied Trash with iCloud Backup

Another way to recover emptied Trash Mac is through iCloud backup. If you enabled the iCloud backup getting the deleted data back from the Empty Trash will be possible. Unlike AnyRecover, which allows you to recover the data without backup, iCloud doesn’t allow you to restore the emptied Trash folder if you don’t enable the iCloud backup. Here’s how to recover emptied Trash on Mac.

Step 1:

Navigate to before logging in with the iCloud account credentials.


Step 2:

Tap on the account button before choosing the iCloud settings.


Step 3:

Click on the Data Recovery button and select the ”Restore” files icon.

Step 4:

Search for the files you wish to get back and tap on the Select All icon. Press on the Restore Files button to begin recovering the lost data from the iCloud backup.


2.3 Undo Empty Trash on Mac Through Terminal

You can also undo Empty Trash on Mac courtesy of the Terminal. With Terminal, you don’t enjoy the highest recovery that AnyRecover blesses you with. Follow the guide below to know how to recover emptied Trash on Mac without software via Terminal.

Step 1:

Visit the Utilities and search for the Terminal within the Applications. After entering the Terminal, you’ll need to type in the following command.


Step 2:

Use the ”Is” command to see the deleted files.


Step 3:

Watch out for the deleted files in the Trash folder you’d like to get back. To recover the spec file, you must rely upon the mv command, destination, and file name you wish to move.

For instance you can use the command written below.

Replace “deleted_file.txt” with the actual file name and “~/Documents” with the destination path.


Step 4:

You can restore all the files by using the mv command along with the asterisk icon to represent all of your files.


Final Thoughts

If you fear that you won’t be able to recover emptied Trash Mac, this post will come handy. We have introduced quite spectacular methods to know how to recover emptied Trash on Mac. You can undo Empty Trash on Mac without software, but these methods aren’t efficient and the possibility of getting the data recovered will be minimal. Hence, aiming at AnyRecover is the best way to recover the data from the emptied Trash Mac. It prompts the fast scanning speed, enabling you to get back the lost data quickly.

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