Blizzard announces Diablo IV’s first expansion ‘ Vessel of Hatred’

Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred

Blizzard has announced its first expansion for Diablo IV called Vessel of Hatred and it’ll be arriving later this year. While it was already known that Diablo IV would be getting a new expansion, there were still lots of details that the studio didn’t share until recently. Such as the official release date, gameplay details, and a reveal trailer. Blizzard has now unveiled all of those things.

Microsoft held its Xbox Showcase on June 9 where it revealed a bunch of trailers for upcoming games. One of those trailers was the cinematic for the Vessel of Hatred expansion. Following this cinematic trailer reveal, Blizzard put out an official post for the expansion that broke down a lot more information about what players can expect. This included the official launch date, which is set for October 8. That’s still months away, but players can enjoy a few early benefits. For instance, it’s possible to pre-order the expansion right now on all platforms and get a couple of goodies.

This means you can grab the expansion on Battlenet, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. The price for the expansion is $39.99. This is for the Standard Edition and it’ll essentially get you just the expansion content and a couple of instant unlock items like a pet for the base game. There’s also a Digital Deluxe Edition for $59.99 which gets you a couple more items and a premium battle pass token. Finally, there’s the Ultimate Edition for $89.99. This gets you all of the previous stuff plus 3,000 platinum, some cosmetics, and one more pet.

The first Diablo IV expansion introduces a new class

One of the big reveals for Vessel of Hatred is that it’s going to come with a new class. Blizzard is calling this class the Spiritborn and it’ll be an all-new class to the Diablo franchise. Some are already comparing it to the Witch Doctor from Diablo III, but it’s safe to say that there’s still a good chance it won’t be much like that. Realistically, there’s no way to know for sure at this time. Blizzard has yet to reveal any details about how the class is played or what its abilities are.

“While this Class remains shrouded in mystery, all shall be revealed in time. Join us for our Spiritborn Class Reveal on July 18,” Blizzard says. During this reveal, players will learn more about the class through a deep dive that should explain how the class works. Worth noting is that this is the first new class being introduced to a Diablo game on PC and console that wasn’t part of the franchise already. However, it’s not the first new class in the Diablo franchise altogether.

Blizzard recently released the second new class in Diablo Immortal that has never been in any other Diablo game. The Temptest was released officially on May 23, following the launch of the Blood Knight last year. This makes the Spiritborn the third new class in the Diablo franchise that wasn’t available in any of the other games.

Players will explore Nahantu and continue the campaign

The expansion isn’t just coming with a new class. Naturally, the expansion will continue the game’s main narrative story. It picks up right where it left off with Neyrelle having left with the Soul Stone that contains Mephisto. She (and the player) will travel to the new region of Nahantu, an ancient jungle region with many mysteries and untold dangers. The expansion will also introduce the Mercenaries system, as well as pets, new co-op activities, and more.

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