Call of Duty might be getting a Warhammer: 40K collaboration

Call of Duty x Warhammer 40K 1

Call of Duty has become famous for its zany collaborations over the years, and it looks like the next collaboration might be with Warhammer 40K. Details of the collaboration have been revealed by dataminers who have reportedly found references to the Warhammer 40K franchise within the game’s files. Spotted by @CharlieIntel on X, the datamined information was found by another X user named @CODWarfareForum. There’s not a lot of detail at the moment on what would be included in the collaboration.

So far, all that’s been found are mentions of the Warhammer 40K franchise in reference to Modern Warfare III and Warzone. Additionally, the datamined info contained some artwork. This could end up being used for the backdrop of a bundle or something else to do with the collaboration. More recent collabs have included the Dune bundles that are currently available in the store which were added in season 1. This collab also included a Dune-themed event where players could earn a Dune-themed camo through gameplay.

Past collabs, like the one with Spawn in season 6 of Modern Warfare II last year included a bunch of stuff that players could earn through the battle pass. So it’s entirely possible that a Warhammer 40K collab could be battle pass-related. Or it could be through bundles like Activision has done with Dune, Nicki Minaj, DOOM, and many others. Keep in mind that this collab may also not happen at all. But past collabs that had been datamined did show up. So there’s a good reason to believe this one might end up happening too.

Call of Duty x Warhammer 40K collab to focus on Dark Angels chapter of lore

Call of Duty x Warhammer 40K Collaboration Artwork

It’s not clear yet how the collab will be presented. Whether it includes bundles you can buy with CoD points or content you can earn through gameplay. But at the very least, there does seem to be an idea of what the theme could be.

As mentioned by Dexerto, the collab seems to be themed after the Dark Angels chapter in the Warhammer 40K lore. This includes having both Interrogator Chaplain Boreas and Sister of Battle Helewise as playable operators. These could be entirely new operators or skins for other already available operators. Either way, there’s a good chance that if these are bundles, they’ll include weapon skins too. Although, Warhammer 40K fans will no doubt hope for a themed weapon blueprint similar to the DOOM super shotgun that was added last year.

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